Redecan Launches "A Perfect 10" Campaign to Celebrate the Perfect Pre-roll

Published: January 29, 2021

Redecan Launches

Redecan celebrates over one year of the perfect pre-roll with an improved product offering and the introduction of their “A Perfect 10” campaign. The campaign, launching in Q1 2021, will highlight the unique features of the Redecan pre-roll 10 pack.

The Redee is being hailed as the ultimate collaboration between the Redecan ownership team, made up of the Montour, Redekop, and Hill families. Together, the team boasts significant experience with manufacturing tobacco products and cultivating premium cannabis. The Redee is the perfect marriage of the two, taking uniquely grown cannabis, combined with advanced cigarette-style rolling technology. The result is a thoughtfully designed pre-roll unlike anything else on the market.

Since its initial release in 2019, today’s Redees have evolved to meet consumer demand with a smaller more manageable size and a lower price point.

“The pre-roll market needed something new,” says Will Montour, co-owner, Redecan. “By creating a product centered around what our customers want, we have completely changed the pre-roll experience.”

Today, Redecan Redees are the number one selling pre-roll in Ontario, selling twice as much as the runner-up and growing 5x faster than the overall category.1

Redecan is a family-owned cannabis company with Indigenous roots. Redecan greenhouses are located in the world-renowned Niagara region, leveraging the unique microclimate of Ontario’s Greenbelt in state-of-the-art cannabis growing facilities. Match your vibe with Redecan Flower, Redees, Gems, Drops and Vapes by visiting