RCU Partners With CPHR Alberta to Give Their Members Access to CannEd

Published: September 11, 2020

RCU Partners With CPHR Alberta to Give Their Members Access to CannEd

RCU (Responsible Cannabis Use) has partnered with CPHR Alberta to give their members access to CannEd, a cannabis e-learning course to promote cannabis education at work. CannEd will be available to all members at an exclusive rate. Based on a survey conducted by RCU, 70% of people managers think they can implement random drug testing at work if approved by the CEO. They cannot.

“It’s very important to us as a professional association to make sure our members have access to quality, current information about topics like cannabis education. This partnership with RCU provides resources our members can use to support their organizations as HR professionals,” notes Rod Miller, CEO of CPHR Alberta.

Visit thercu.org/cphrab to learn more about what CPHR Alberta’s members will receive from this partnership.

RCU has developed a cannabis e-learning course relevant to all employers, as well as specific courses for truck drivers and those in the transportation industry, as well as a course for medical professionals.

Cannabis education should be part of the inclusivity planning of every employer. Our data shows that most don’t understand their rights as employers or employees. It’s important that organizations put policies in place and set expectations amongst their employees about cannabis, said Karina Karassev, COO of RCU.

On September 30, CPHR Alberta will be hosting Vision 2020, a virtual conference that will help attendees learn, grow, and collaborate with the HR and business community. RCU is excited to be an exhibitor at the conference. Although the course is made for all employees in any industry, the course counts as 1.5 continuing education credits for CPHR professionals.

CannEd is available to employers across Canada. Take this quiz to test your own awareness of cannabis in the workplace.

CPHR Alberta is the professional association dedicated to strengthening the human resources profession and upholding the highest standards of practice. With 6,000 members in major cities across Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, CPHR Alberta is the third-largest HR Association in Canada. CPHR Alberta is the exclusive registration body in Alberta for the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) designation, which is the professional standard in Canada. The CPHR demonstrates HR expertise, experience, and ethical management of today’s human capital. CPHR Alberta is a provincial member of CPHR Canada. Together with our members, we are working towards becoming a self-regulated, recognized profession in Alberta.

RCU (Responsible Cannabis Use) is a cannabis education company that brings awareness to cannabis facts, laws, regulations, and research. Through its products: Cann I Know and CannEd, RCU aims to educate all Canadians about responsible cannabis use.

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