Rapid Dose Therapeutics Announces Commercialization of QuickStrip Oral Thin Strips

Published: June 14, 2019

Rapid Dose Therapeutics Announces Commercialization of QuickStrip Oral Thin Strips

Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp., a Canadian life sciences company focused on innovative drug and active ingredient delivery solutions, announces that Chemesis International Inc., a Licensee, has begun commercialization of QuickStrip Oral Thin Strips. Chemesis will deliver CBD infused strips across the United States as well as THC and CBD infused strips in Puerto Rico. Chemesis’ subsidiary, Natural Ventures, operates a facility with the infrastructure required to manufacture, package and distribute QuickStrip™ Oral Thin Strips. Chemesis will distribute QuickStrip through Natural Ventures distribution network and existing relationships in Puerto Rico.

As the Company continues to expand its manufacturing, Chemesis will look to add additional infrastructure for its QuickStrip Oral Thin Strips in California. In anticipation of federally changing CBD regulations, Chemesis has begun signing distribution agreements in the mainland United States for CBD infused QuickStrip products to ensure the Company maintains a first mover advantage by forming distribution channels and partnerships that will gain market share. The RDT proprietary drug delivery technology is infused with CBD, THC and other cannabinoids.

The Rapid Dose Therapeutics proprietary QuickStrip delivery system is a true sublingual delivery device for THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. Furthermore, QuickStrip™ is conducting controlled trials to further demonstrate QuickStrip™ effectiveness and consistent onset. Chemesis believes this technology is at the forefront of sublingual delivery systems and will expand its efforts to bring it to market.

“Through our Managed Strip Services Agreement (MSSA), Rapid Dose is focused and committed to providing consumers in the United States and Puerto Rico cannabis markets a Smoke‐Free Choice,” said Mark Upsdell, CEO of Rapid Dose. “RDT’s agreement with Chemesis will enable them to manufacture and sell under both their own private brand and as part of our white label program. Our brand partnership with Chemesis further strengthens and positions QuickStrip™ for rapid growth as an international brand and delivery device to cannabis consumers while delivering health and improving outcomes. With the QuickStrip™ discreet and measured dosing, Chemesis is well positioned to bring a unique and exciting product offering to Puerto Rico and U.S. markets and we are thrilled to be an integral part of their growth.”