PureSinse Establishes Medical Advisory Committee

Published: June 28, 2019

PureSinse Establishes Medical Advisory Committee

Pure Global Cannabis Inc., an integrated growth-oriented sciences and consumer products cannabis company, operating through its wholly-owned subsidiary PureSinse Inc., recently completed a very successful, inaugural PureSinse Medical Advisory Committee (PMAC) meeting with a number of prominent physicians and scientists from various disciplines. The meeting provided deep insights into the physicians’ daily practice, how cannabis impacts their prescribing, and how PureSinse can differentiate in medical and pharma drug development categories.

This first PMAC meeting brought together members representing a variety of different disciplines and facets of the medical committee. As a group, committee members provided direct feedback to inform and guide PureSinse’s decision-making in allocating resources to high-need and underserved markets. Members are practicing physicians in primary care, oncology, infectious diseases, psychiatry, and other specialties. The committee also has non-voting members who act as patient representatives, and community and pharmacy industry representatives.

“We are very pleased to be able to assemble a very high calibre Medical Advisory Committee, created to receive direct feedback and advice on developing our strategies for the medical cannabis sector,” said Malay Panchal, Pure Global CEO & President, “The feedback will be invaluable in creating our educational, outreach programs that provide guidance on medical cannabis use for physicians and patients. The committee deliberations will also help us focus our clinical medical priorities and offer guidance on engagement activities to support the medical community.”

Bringing together their wealth of medical and industry experience, PMAC works to provide strategic direction and recommendations to the PureSinse Executive Leadership Team (ELT). The ongoing support of PMAC will cement PureSinse as a trusted provider of education, products, and services for medical cannabis users and prescribers. Direct input and guidance from PMAC will also work to establish PureSinse as a unique brand, grounded in trust and commitment to patients and the medical community.

This meeting of PMAC demonstrated that there is a large demand, and need, for education on the medical benefits of cannabis. PureSinse will use this guidance to tailor educational resources, which provide medical evidence of these benefits, for patients and clinicians. PureSinse will also create an ambassador and mentorship program with a goal to help physicians learn about medical cannabis on a peer-to-peer basis.

Mr. Panchal added, “As more patients become interested in adding medical cannabis to their treatment options, these types of educational resources will continue to be in high demand. Building our brand around trust and education is a key driver in forming PMAC, and continuing our outreach strategy.”

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