Premium Wellness Brand MADGE AND MERCER Modern Apothecary Shakes Up The Cannabis Industry

Published: August 10, 2021

Premium Wellness Brand MADGE AND MERCER Modern Apothecary Shakes Up The Cannabis Industry

Canadian wellness brand, MADGE AND MERCER, was developed to solve a problem and address a myriad of common issues women face like stress, sleepless nights and brain fog. MADGE AND MERCER offers women custom formulations with high CBD and micro-dosed THC. MADGE AND MERCER’s products will be available through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) on August 10, 2021, with the facial serum being available in September 2021, and in select cannabis retailers immediately after each of the OCS launch dates.

Founded by Shauna Levy, the privately-owned brand uses vegan and natural ingredients for their intentionally designed consumable and topical products — every ingredient that goes into a product is hardworking and serves a purpose, with no unnecessary excess. Multitasking women who balance it all can confidently relate.

Shauna Levy, Founder and CEO, struggled with chronic pain and anxiety, and like many women, was reticent to use cannabis. However, once she did, she immediately discovered that high CBD with a micro-dose of THC was the only thing that worked for her. This life and career-changing discovery led her to develop a new product line aimed at helping women. Fueled by her own success, she set out to shatter the cannabis stigma for women over 40 — a demographic whose health issues are often overlooked. Perimenopause and menopause remain taboo, with the US$3 trillion wellness industry largely ignoring the needs of women experiencing these hormonal changes. So far, the nascent legal cannabis industry has followed suit: women over 40 have been missing out on the wellness benefits — like stress relief — of cannabis.

MADGE AND MERCER has created a series of thoughtful and research-backed products that will seamlessly fit into any woman’s wellness regimen. “I know what it’s like to live with chronic pain while continuing to juggle an increasing number of responsibilities and demands,” says Levy, a former design-industry CEO who has a strong professional record of predicting and responding to societal shifts. She launched the Interior Design Show in timing with the 1990’s condo boom, back when home design was still largely relegated to professionals. Similarly, through her leadership at the Design Exchange, she made design accessible to a larger audience by directing exhibits with known creatives such as Christian Louboutin and Pharrell Williams.

Now she’s applying that same passion and forward-thinking to women’s wellness, challenging the way big-player cannabis producers have been neglecting this demographic:

“I want to use what I’ve learned on my personal wellness journey to help others like me. I’m a woman who personally knows how cannabis can help — and I’m doing something about it.”

Levy assembled a team of leading health experts and research consultants to develop reliable products that meet women’s specific and unique needs. World-renowned dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki consults on all topical products and Toronto physician Dr. Marni Brooks, whose focus is in cannabinoid medicine, serves as medical consultant, while acclaimed chef Ted Corrado works on edible recipes. Supporting Madge and Mercer with regulatory and product development advice based upon rigorous, science-based consumer-focused innovation is the Morris and Associates Consulting team led by Dr. Shane Morris, Ph.D. in Plant Science and Policy, who has helped bring innovative high revenue cannabis products to market. And finally, the contemporary yet approachable design is led by Megan Oldfield, Field Design Office, known for their work for global brands and creatives.

“From delivering significant relief from chronic pain to easing the symptoms of anxiety, there are numerous health benefits that come with safe cannabis use,” says Dr. Brooks. “MADGE AND MERCER is making it so much easier for women to take advantage of these benefits and make meaningful wellness a daily part of their lives.”

MADGE AND MERCER is launching with three premium products.

MM ——— 001 LA CALMA is a lemongrass ginger CBD oil with a total of 1250 mg of CBD and 50 mg of THC that imparts a subtle and delicious flavour (developed in consultation with Chef Corrado) and is made with a healthy and sustainable coconut-derived MCT oil. It is designed to provide calming effects, better focus and noticeable pain relief.

MM ——— 002 EL ALEVIO is a contemporary, non-fussy disposable vape pen that comes in a cool matte sage-green. It delivers 300 mg of CBD and 75 mg of THC with a smooth and minty eucalyptus flavour and almost instantaneous effects.

Finally, MM ——— 004 ÉMOLLIENT is a plant-based facial serum developed closely with Dr. Skotnicki. Formulated with 350 mg of CBD, 17 mg of THC, meadowfoam seed oil, oat, vegan squalene and orange peel, the topical (currently the only CBD facial oil in the legal cannabis market in Ontario) is designed with cosmetic ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and help with redness, puffiness and is super moisturizing — especially for aging skin.

“Cannabis can elevate a skincare routine. It’s known to be healing, rich in antioxidants and can  combat inflammation, dryness and free radical damage,” says Dr. Skotnicki. “As women age, we know  their skincare needs change. We develop our unique formulas to address those needs and provide  effective results.”

Prices range from $44 to $65 MADGE AND MERCER’s products will be available through Miss Jones Cannabis Outposts as well as select retailers and through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) the week of Aug. 10. The brand can also be found at and Instagram and Facebook @MadgeandMercer. HI-RES PRODUCT IMAGES WILL BE PROVIDED UPON REQUEST.