Premier Health Announces Partnership Strategy for Expansion into Cannabis Clinics

Published: February 7, 2019

Premier Health Announces Partnership Strategy for Expansion into Cannabis Clinics

Premier Health Group, a Company focused on developing innovative approaches that combine human skill based expertise with emerging technologies for the healthcare industry, announced today as a part of its expansion plans, the Company is now formally entering the cannabis clinic space.

The recent acquisition of Cloud Practice has provided an underlying platform to help empower and streamline patient-doctor interaction. “We are currently working on a partnership model to hard code the decision-making process into the Electronic Medical Records (EMR),” said Dr. Essam Hamza, CEO of Premier. “There has been a critical gap between the patient’s need for medical cannabis and the doctor’s knowledge and comfort level in prescribing it. At Premier we understand the frustration felt from both the patient and the doctor and are integrating what we think is a revolutionary process. This new tool will allow us to provide a much-needed service to the 287 clinics and almost 3 million patients in our ecosystem.”

Much of the traditionally labor-intensive process of onboarding patients will now be done automatically with Premier’s smart EMR. The doctor will just need to identify patients with conditions that could warrant medical cannabis consideration and the integrated technology will assess the patient’s data, and through the use of analytics, output a comprehensive recommendation along with links to corresponding medical research specific to the diagnosis. Thus, providing essential education and guidance to doctors enabling them to make informed decisions on medical cannabis qualification, dosing and prescriptions.

Additionally, the Company has been in discussions with a short list of Canadian Licensed Producers (LP) under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) in order to partner with a, or multiple, LP(s) to provide doctor and patient education at the clinic level.

The company expects to provide additional updates on its expansion later in Q1 2019.