Pineapple Express Delivery Inc and BudTender Announce Strategic Partnership

Published: January 6, 2019

Pineapple Express Delivery Inc and BudTender Announce Strategic Partnership

Pineapple Express Delivery Inc. and BudTender have announced a software partnership between the two companies. In exchange for a granted 10% investment stake in BudTender, Pineapple Express Delivery Inc will partner with the company to help them develop and grow their business model in Canada. BudTender, which is the cannabis industry leader in customer experience software will integrate directly with Pineapple Express Delivery to offer the most robust understanding of the customer journey.

BudTender Features
– Seamless Integration with Pineapple Express Delivery 
– Monthly Customer Experience Analysis Report
– Interactive Dashboard 
– Proprietary SMS System With Questions Tailored to the Customer Response

“We’re incredibly excited about working closely with Pineapple Express to expand BudTender throughout Canada,” said Jake Crow, CEO of BudTender,  Partnering with Pineapple Express, which is the leader in the same day delivery space in Canada is a huge milestone for our company. Randy and the team at Pineapple Express have put a large focus on both the customer experience and providing in-depth security protocols and we’re happy to provide an additional layer of support.”

“We are extremely happy to be integrating with BudTender to provide a truly unique and comprehensive customer experience and support package to our clients and partners,” said Randy Rolph, CEO of Pineapple Express Delivery Inc. “At every step of the way we have striven to provide top quality and completely unique service to this sector through our setup, technology and security measures and this partnership will ensure that our customer experience and support will be second to none .”