Physician-led Online Healthcare Technology Company Applies for Novel Clinical Trial for COVID-19 Using Medical Cannabis

Published: March 26, 2020

Physician-led Online Healthcare Technology Company Applies for Novel Clinical Trial for COVID-19 Using Medical Cannabis

Rapidly-emerging online healthcare technology company, Cannalogue, has submitted an application to Health Canada to conduct a real-world clinical trial with medical cannabis for COVID-19 (Coronavirus). If approved by Health Canada, Cannalogue will enroll patients into the research study to determine if medical cannabis can reduce the symptoms caused by COVID-19 or any mutant strains of coronavirus.

“Cannalogue is committed to doing our part.  The need is too great and we have to act now,” said Dr. Mohan Cooray, President and CEO of Cannalogue. Dr. Cooray, who is also a specialist in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Hepatology goes on to say, “We are not suggesting with the current knowledge of medical cannabis that it is a prevention, treatment or cure for COVID-19 or coronaviruses. However, plant cannabinoids have naturally occurring immunomodulatory properties that absolutely require expedited investigation given the current global COVID-19 pandemic,” he says.

Cannalogue is responding to the call by the Honourable Prime Minister of Canada to enforce wartime measures and for all Canadian businesses to stand united in the fight against COVID-19.  The specialists at Cannalogue believe the active medical ingredients from the cannabis plant could potentially boost the immune system to reduce the severity of symptoms from COVID-19.

“Cannabinoid receptors are naturally found on immune cells in the body.  If stimulated prior to an infection, it may dampen the inflammatory response that follows, which is a key factor in the severity of symptoms observed in patients,” said Dr. Cooray.  “This appears to be a common mechanism of action for the current therapies being investigated for COVID-19 research studies.  If we can’t flatten the curve, then we need to focus on reducing the number of deaths,” he says.

In support of the medical cannabis sector and scientific research community, Cannalogue will be releasing an exclusive insider health report that reveals key medical insights on emerging therapeutic areas with respect to medical cannabis.

For more information, including patient recruitment and clinical trial sponsors, please visit

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