PEI Cannabis Management Corporation Partners with Lift & Co. to Train Cannabis Retail Staff

Published: September 11, 2018

PEI Cannabis Management Corporation Partners with Lift & Co. to Train Cannabis Retail Staff

Lift & Co. announced a second public-sector, multi-year agreement to train cannabis retail staff in preparation for federal legalization on October 17. Starting this September, Prince Edward Island Cannabis Management Corporation (“PEICMC”) employees will receive training through Lift & Co.’s Cannabis Retail Training Certification (the “Certification”), which leverages Lift & Co.’s years of experience educating cannabis consumers in partnership with MADD Canada’s recognized expertise in responsible use.

PEICMC employees will receive training on selling and safety through a series of online lessons, developed by Lift & Co. and MADD Canada. Topics covered by the Certification include public health and harm reduction, law and liabilities, and working with different cannabis customers, among others.

“Education for frontline cannabis retail employees is essential to ensure an informed consumer base,” said Matei Olaru, CEO of Lift & Co. “Lift & Co. is committed to providing leading information to Canadian retailers through our platform. We’re thrilled to bring this level of sophisticated knowledge to the staff at PEICMC and prepare them for the upcoming legalization of cannabis.”

“We’re very excited to partner with Lift & Co. and MADD Canada to provide a comprehensive training program to PEICMC employees,” said Andrew MacMillan, CEO of PEICMC. “This program will ensure that our cannabis retail team is well-trained and well-prepared to talk to customers about responsible cannabis usage guidelines and social responsibility principles which in turn will contribute to the success of the recreational cannabis industry on PEI.”

“MADD Canada is pleased to team with Lift & Co to deliver this crucial training to ensure cannabis is sold responsibly, and to promote the separation of consumption and driving,” said MADD Canada Chief Executive Officer Andrew Murie. “We look forward to working with PEICMC to equip their retail staff with the knowledge and tools to expertly serve their customers in a safe and socially responsible way.”

This is the second Maritime province to receive Lift & Co.’s cannabis retail Certification, following Nova Scotia, announced last month. Lift & Co.’s Certification is also confirmed for the Manitoba-based private retailer Delta 9.