Pasha Hires Former City Councillor Susan Chapelle to Lead Government Relations

Published: June 21, 2019

Pasha Hires Former City Councillor Susan Chapelle to Lead Government Relations

Pasha Brands Ltd. has hired cannabis-friendly former City Councillor Susan Chapelle to lead Government Relations and Affairs for the company. Her role will focus on initiating dialogue and lobbying government partners in an effort to assist craft cannabis producers transition from the illicit market into Canada’s new regulatory framework.

Chapelle is a former City Councillor who served two terms on the District of Squamish Council (British Columbia). While on council, she was successful in shaping the District of Squamish cannabis regulations and helped pass progressive legislation for cannabis that has set the stage for industry growth. As a mayoral candidate in the 2018 election, she continued to advocate for equitable access to healthcare.

“Susan brings such strong passion for health advocacy and a clear understanding of the regulatory world that she is able to both educate municipal leaders and bring clarity to farmers looking to gain access to the legal framework,” said Jamie Shaw, Chief Communications and Culture Officer of Pasha Brands. “Susan has demonstrated throughout her life and work that she is committed to bringing the concerns of both her constituents, and patients to the forefront, and she is proving to do the same for the cannabis growers that aim to have their products on the shelves of legal retailers without losing their independence.”

Chapelle was educated in Community Economic Development at Simon Fraser University and is a graduate of the Executive Masters in Business Administration progam (MBA). She has over 30 years of business experience and opened the first multidisciplinary health care clinic in Squamish, British Columbia.

“I am excited to help municipalities and the provinces achieve their policy goals of a safe and legal cannabis industry,” commmented Chapelle on her new role. “Building an understanding of the new regulatory framework and the economic opportunities of localizing the BC cannabis economy with existing craft growers is a chance for rural BC to transition lost opportunities to a clean, scientifically advanced industry. I want my province to thrive in this space.”

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