Pasha Brands Recruits Four Prominent Communications Experts

Published: July 22, 2019

Pasha Brands Recruits Four Prominent Communications Experts

Pasha Brands Ltd., Canada’s largest craft cannabis brands organization, announced the addition of four well-respected communications specialists to the Pasha family: Social Media Manager Gill Polard, Digital Consultant Chet Woodside, Communications and Culture Coordinator Emerald Asuncion, and Content Manager Amanda Siebert.

Under the guidance of Chief Communications and Culture Officer Jamie Shaw, the team of communications professionals are building digital strategies that will provide Canadian cannabis consumers with unique ways to engage with Pasha.

“We’re blessed to be able to count these skilled individuals as part of the Pasha family,” said Jamie Shaw, Chief Communications and Culture Officer of Pasha Brands. “They represent the highest level of commitment and passion in this industry. With their help, Pasha is building out-of-the-box strategies that hope to remind Canadians not only of the vibrant culture that brought us to this point, but its dedication to a deeper moral imperative.”

With more than 10 years of digital marketing experience, Gill Polard is the creator of leading Canadian female-focused cannabis website, The Her(B) Life, and producer and co-creator of two cannabis-focused podcasts. Gill has developed social media and content strategies for several Licensed Producers and applicants in the Canadian marketplace and is using her expertise to provide Pasha with social media oversight that speaks to the company’s unique role as a provider of craft cannabis products.

Digital Consultant Chet Woodside brings over 17 years of experience in digital product development, user experience, and marketing to Pasha. The former product director for The Georgia Straight, Straight Cannabis, and Grassroots Expo brings his detail-oriented approach to interaction design and is guiding a multi-faceted web development strategy that aims to simplify the user experience on Pasha’s numerous brand websites.

Communications and Culture Coordinator Emerald Asuncion has been a professional in the cannabis landscape for the last decade. Prior to joining Pasha, she devoted six years to the BC Compassion Club Society, where she delivered outreach and education to patients, practitioners, politicians, donors and supporters, while researching and merchandising cannabis medicines, products, and accessories, and maintaining strong relationships with these various groups. “I’m excited to continue my work in the cannabis industry with an organization that is supporting the industry’s valued craft growers, makers, and cannabis professionals, like myself, who have been pivotal to legalization,” commented Emerald Asuncion about the news. “I believe we’ll do great work together including breaking stigmas, challenging stereotypes, and providing platforms for new voices to be heard.”

Amanda Siebert has spent several years in communications and media as a journalist, editor, photographer, and copywriter, and is the author of Canada’s best-selling cannabis book, The Little Book of Cannabis. As a consulting Content Manager, she will help Pasha develop compliant material that provides visitors to its sites with education on home cultivation, cannabis history, civil disobedience, and more.

In building a memorable and user-friendly digital platform, the Pasha communications team is taking the first step in revealing the company’s coveted craft brands and products to the market.

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