ParcelPal Begins Integration on Shopify Platform for Cannabis Delivery

Published: June 18, 2019

ParcelPal Technology Inc. announced the integration of ParcelPal’s app on the Shopify’s digital platform. The integration will be complete in the coming weeks. Shopify is an eCommerce platform provider that gives retailers everything they need to build and operate a successful online store. Shopify is the leading eCommerce provider for merchants in North America in retail and specifically cannabis within Canada.

Canadian Licenced producers on the Shopify platform, can use this technology to enable shipping to medical or recreational users across the country ( Since recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada at the government-operated websites and private retailer portals powered by Shopify have processed “hundreds of thousands” of orders.

Businesses of any kind, notably cannabis merchants will be able to integrate their Shopify eCommerce store nearly instantly to ParcelPal’s ecosystem. These merchants will enable their customers to tap into ParcelPal’s network and have their products delivered in an hour or less. ParcelPal has begun this process with Choom and Kiaro. ParcelPal’s integration will be accessible by the public in the coming weeks.

President and CEO, Kelly Abbott states, “This integration and offering on the Shopify platform will allow for any cannabis business to instantly integrate with our technology. Instead of lengthy and expensive integrations with current and potential partners, this will cut it down dramatically.”