Orchid Ventures Announces the PurGuard Vape Software Platform

Published: August 18, 2021

Orchid Ventures Announces the PurGuard Vape Software Platform

Orchid Ventures, Inc. announces that the Company has launched its proprietary new technology platform PurGuard, which it believes will have a significant impact on the usage of vape products by minors. Utilizing several key technologies and developing a proprietary software platform, the Company has developed an ecosystem for use in 510 thread cartridges and batteries, POD based systems, as well as disposable vaporizers.

A consumer that purchases a PurGuard product, will have to verify their age through a web-based and/or mobile application that pairs with the device via Bluetooth or USB cable. The device also has an auto-lock feature that when the registered user of the device is not near the device, the device can auto-lock, eliminating the possibility of a minor using the device. This technological advancement is believed by the Company to be perhaps the biggest advancement in vaporizer safety technology in over a decade.

“The PurGuard Platform is a major advancement in consumer safety and protection. It has been our mission from day one, to create the safest electronic cannabis delivery systems in the world, and with this advancement, we believe we have achieved another milestone in this mission. Being a software developer for over 20 years, coming up with software applications and taking them to market has been something I’ve personally excelled at for decades,” said Corey Mangold, CEO of Orchid Ventures. “With this experience we have been able to create an ecosystem of hardware and software to achieve a significant level of protection, which can reduce and hopefully eliminate the usage of vaporizer products by minors. For our industry to truly succeed, we have to keep consumer safety at the forefront. We began this with emissions testing our products ensuring there were no harmful materials being inhaled, and now we have taken this level of safety and protection one significant step further. We believe that PurGuard will become an industry standard and we look forward to working with regulators to ensure that consumer safety is first and foremost.”

With PurGuard products, a customer (brand) has the ability to “program” their cartridge, PODs or disposables with information from the lab reports such as brand, logo, strain name, potency, manufacture date and more. This allows users to know exactly what they are consuming when switching from cartridge to cartridge. PurGuard products will be available to cannabis and CBD companies worldwide by Winter 2021. These products will also be unveiled at MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas in mid October 2021.

About Orchid Ventures, Inc.
Orchid Essentials is a California-based cannabis innovation company that has developed a mass-market brand and loyal consumer following with its premium cannabis products and unique vape hardware delivery systems. Orchid also owns 100% of PurTec Delivery Systems, a company that produces, markets and sells clean vaporizer hardware that has been emissions tested against the most stringent standards in the world set forth by the EU and has unrivaled product quality and value pricing. Orchid’s management brings significant branding, product development and distribution experience with a proven track record of scaling businesses and building sustainable revenue growth through value-generating partnerships and innovation that creates enterprise value. Learn more at https://orchidessentials.com/