Nine Point Introduces Four Canadian Brands with the Debut of Incubator Program

Published: July 28, 2021

Nine Point Introduces Four Canadian Brands with the Debut of Incubator Program
As you may have heard, we recently launched our Nine Point Incubator Program – a PR support program designed to assist the growth and success of new and emerging brands. We are thrilled to introduce you to our debut roster of brands including empyriWoodlotOHAI, and TAIKEN EVERYTHING.

Each trailblazing in their respective markets, these Canadian-owned and operated brands represent the best of the best independent small businesses. From apparel and handbags, skin and body care, to home and cannabis accessories, these brands are a must-add to your fave’s lists.

Get to know more about our incubator brands and new product launches for the season below. Product samples and interview with the founders are available upon request.


Through a love of science, nature, and health, founder Jennifer Grant began the journey of empyri, a clean, chemical-free, cruelty-free, vegan, cannabis-infused skincare line for all. By incorporating techniques of modern science and traditional Chinese medicine, empyri’s active ingredients elevate your skincare to higher levels. This revolutionary skincare company was designed with three simple principles in mind: Clean Beauty, Conscious Consumption, and Honouring Diversity.

Centered around a philosophy of holistic wellness and artful intention, founder Emily Leung, began the journey of OHAI, a lifestyle brand with cannabis accessories for the design-conscious consumer. Through her own wellness journey, Emily was introduced to a like-minded community that celebrates the self-therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Now, OHAI exists as a community leader in the cannabis market, promoting aesthetic design, artistic intention, and accessories to accompany you in your journey.


Determined to share their family tradition of natural, sustainable, wellness products, husband and wife duo, Fouad and Sonia, founded Woodlot. Woodlot believes in bringing all-natural, simple ingredients to your daily wellness rituals, through skincare, home accessories, and body essentials. With close to 50 variations of candles, mists, essential oils, lotions, incense, soaps, and skincare essentials—all made from 100% natural ingredients— Woodlot is driven by the principle that producing non-toxic, plant-based products both protect the planet and future generations. This is just the beginning for the little candle company that could. See Woodlot’s summer product highlights below!


Created with a vision for street culture and functional design, creative-industry veterans founded TAIKAN EVERYTHING, a Vancouver apparel and bag brand made for everyday life. Nodding to their inspirations in street style, TAIKAN is also rooted in their desire to look forward, incorporating clean, core looks to last through the seasons.
TAIKAN works with artists and multi-media creatives to create exclusive editorial content for collection drops. Serbian-Canadian Artist, Tatum MacLean, AKA ZEUSTATE, is the latest to collaborate with the brand on a fresh editorial concept that pushes boundaries. From the haunting forests of age-old fairy tales to the clear blue skies of Los Angeles, check out 008 by ZEUSTATE below.

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