Nimbus and Viva Care Medical Group Health Form Strategic Partnership to Offer Medical Cannabis Access via Telehealth to Patients

Published: May 3, 2019

Nimbus, an information technology healthcare provider in the medical cannabis industry, and Viva Care Medical Group, a chain of clinics in BC, today announced a strategic partnership to integrate Nimbus’ telehealth offerings within Viva Care clinics and their online presence. This strategic partnership promises to improve access to medical cannabis education and authorizations to patients. Nimbus will be bringing its secure and state of the art telehealth and education platform to Viva Care patients who are interested in accessing medical cannabis.

“Many family physicians are not yet comfortable with authorizing medical cannabis prescriptions for their patients,” states Nimbus CEO, David Pham. “As we work to help educate physicians, we will concurrently offer telehealth prescribing so that patients can access the cannabis medical treatment that they require.” A survey of physicians in June 2018 by MD Analytics found that only 32% of physicians approved of cannabis legalization.

“Securing this exclusive agreement with Viva Care, a leading health clinic with over 10 locations in British Columbia, will allow for Nimbus to supply an industry leading telehealth solution that meets the growing demand for medicinal cannabis as an alternative and effective treatment offered to patients”, said David Pham, CEO of Nimbus.” Viva Care is also a telehealth care system that relieves patients of the need to travel around to find a suitable physician in obtaining prompt and quality continuous care. We are very excited about our new partnership with Viva Care and look forward to forging many more alliances as we roll out our strategic plan.”