Nielsen, Headset And Deloitte Announce A Strategic Alliance To Provide Data & Insights To Legal Cannabis Market In Canada

Published: March 13, 2019

Nielsen, Headset And Deloitte Announce A Strategic Alliance To Provide Data & Insights To Legal Cannabis Market In Canada

Nielsen, Headset and Deloitte announced a strategic alliance that will provide key stakeholders in the cannabis space with critical market insights to understand federally regulated cannabis consumption and sales in Canada. The alliance will bring various data-driven offerings to the market which will allow businesses in the cannabis industry to make informed decisions for their business and customers.

The alliance members bring together data and insights that will provide real-time market intelligence for the cannabis industry and allow clients to monitor the competitive landscape, identify opportunities and stay ahead of industry trends as never before. In addition, clients will be able to easily explore pricing, category, segment, shopper insights, and brand trends to help discover opportunities in the marketplace to drive success in the evolving legal cannabis market.

“Our clients—from life science and retail, to financial institutions and government—are all looking for the same thing: information to drive action and growth,” says Jennifer Lee, Deloitte Canada partner, who leads both the Consumer Advisory and Analytics Practice, and the Cannabis sector for the firm in Canada and globally. “We want to see our clients succeed, which is why this alliance is so important. With this strategic alliance, we are bringing together the top organizations in the consumer and cannabis space, because we know that insight-driven organizations are more successful. When Canadian businesses succeed—from cannabis entrepreneurs to our largest clients—our country succeeds.”

With Canada becoming the first G7 country globally to legalize recreational cannabis, an entirely new industry has opened up bringing opportunity, innovation and entrepreneurship; as well as, some unknowns. With this alliance, actionable data insights from consumers and retail outlets will provide a competitive advantage to clients looking to understand the cannabis market to ensure they are executing fundamentals as effectively as those in traditional fast-moving consumer goods categories.

“As the cannabis industry heats up in Canada, it is critical that organizations leverage data to drive informed decisions in this fast-moving and rapidly developing space,” said Cy Scott, CEO, Headset. “With this strategic alliance, we are able to provide clients with unprecedented access to insights that facilitate their success in this new market that is rich with opportunity.”

“With cannabis legal across Canada, it is imperative that those involved in the industry and those looking to join, have real-time market intelligence available for the cannabis industry,” said Mike Ljubicic, Managing Director, Nielsen Canada. “This strategic alliance, along with our full suite of complementary cannabis tools, will help our retail and manufacturing clients and those looking to enter the market, to monitor the evolution of legal cannabis in Canada. Understanding the cannabis space is important to mitigate threats and identify future opportunities, as it will impact categories across the FMCG landscape.”