New Online Service Gives Canadians Better Access to Medical Cannabis

Published: March 12, 2020

New Online Service Gives Canadians Better Access to Medical Cannabis

With Cannalogue, Canadians will no longer need to guess which medical cannabis products or dosages are best for their health conditions.  In conjunction with affiliate clinic Oridon Medical, Cannalogue provides a free medical assessment, personalized treatment plan, and the ability to fill prescriptions for medical cannabis, all from the comforts of home.

“We know how difficult it can be for patients to access physicians and healthcare practitioners specialized in prescribing medical cannabis and Cannalogue is here to help,” says President and CEO, Dr. Mohan Cooray.  “Contrary to products currently available to consumers at the recreational level, our medical staff attend to the needs of patients to determine the best treatment plan possible. Our clinically-focused approach gives patients better control over their health and long-term symptoms,” he says.

Cannalogue’s Amazon-like service offers patients a choice of physician-recommended medical cannabis products which eliminates the need for repetitive visits to the doctor for modifications to prescriptions. “Patients are no longer confined to a one prescription – one licensed producer system.  Patients have choice with Cannalogue,” says Dr. Cooray.  “Our products have been carefully selected by physicians based on quality and effectiveness, so patients can simply log in to and choose from a range of licensed producers without the hassle of additional doctor visits,” he says.

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