Namaste Technologies Provides Statement on Email List Distribution

Published: June 24, 2019

Namaste Technologies Provides Statement on Email List Distribution

Namaste Technologies Inc. has determined that an email list of users registered with Namaste MD was uploaded by an employee to a third-party email solicitation provider for the purposes of soliciting unauthorized cannabis sales. It is believed that the emails were first uploaded to the third-party solicitation provider on May 4, 2019 following which affected Namaste MD users were sent emails over a period of 5 days and the situation was contained following Namaste’s detection and handling of the incident. Namaste has now completed its investigation of the facts and circumstances leading up to the incident and has taken appropriate action.

The Company determined that the source of the information was an employee of the Company affiliated with this website operator with whom the Company has no affiliation or relationship. The Company believes that other than a name and email address, no other personally identifiable information was used or accessed.

User privacy as well as data and information security are of the upmost importance to Namaste; therefore immediate action was taken by the third party email services provider to delete the affected name and email information from their database upon Namaste’s request.

The Company is taking steps to help protect registered users. The Company is in the process of hiring a security expert to assist in a review and revision of its internal data control and security policies, to better prevent incidents of this sort in the future. Namaste has contacted the impacted users to explain the nature and scope of the incident.