Namaste Technologies Expands Patient Referral Network with ARBR Agreement

Published: July 12, 2019

Namaste Technologies Expands Patient Referral Network with ARBR Agreement

Namaste Technologies Inc. has signed an agreement with 2103486 Alberta Ltd. operating as “ARBR” to incorporate NamasteMD into the ARBR clinical referral platform. ARBR is a web-based tool developed to help pharmacists and clinicians guide patients through their cannabis journey and support patients with questions or concerns, allowing them to select the right strain for their individual needs. The Edmonton, AB-based company has an agreement with one of Canada’s largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturers whose customers include over 11,000 pharmacies across Canada.

Based on the agreement with ARBR, NamasteMD will act as a direct-connect telemedicine application to allow patients to immediately transition from the pharmacist’s or clinician’s consultation to a connection with a medical professional. Under the terms of the agreement, CannMart will be a preferred marketplace of choice given its large selection of LPs, strains, and other products.

“We continue to find innovative ways to expand our network and build the world’s most customer focused cannabis marketplace,” said Meni Morim, Interim CEO at Namaste Technologies. “We’re leveraging in-house developed technology, like NamasteMD, to support tools like ARBR. This relationship opens a new channel to medical cannabis patients and allows the adult-use cannabis consumer to utilize their existing pharmacy relationships.”

“Our goal is to provide a seamless transition from consulting a pharmacist about your cannabis needs, to being able to get a medical document and order product near instantaneously; with the added benefit of the largest selection of product possible,” added Morim. “This agreement with a leading technology platform like ARBR continues to demonstrate our unique approach to the cannabis market and will help accelerate our growth.”

“NamasteMD and the CannMart platform are a great way for pharmacists using our ARBR cannabis application to connect their customers with medical professionals and help service their customers’ needs,” said Kit Poon, CEO of ARBR. “We’re excited to work with the team at Namaste to maximize the benefit from this relationship.”

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