Namaste Technologies Announces the Launch of its Consumer-Focused Recreational House Brand "Roilty"

Published: January 8, 2021

Namaste Technologies Announces the Launch of its Consumer-Focused Recreational House Brand

Namaste Technologies Inc., an innovative platform for cannabis products, accessories, and education, is pleased to announce the launch of its 2.0 consumer-focused recreational house brand “Roilty”. Under the Roilty brand, Namaste’s wholly owned subsidiary CannMart Inc. will launch new products such as live resin targeted to be available in February, followed by rosin, shatter, crumble and wax in successive quarters. Trademark for Roilty is pending approval.


  • The focus of the new brand Roilty is specifically focused around 2.0 products. With the recent acquisition of CannMart Labs Inc., Namaste now has the capability to develop high quality products that are in high demand at a lower price than competitors. Roilty will be positioned as a high-end, accessible mainstream brand
  • CannMart Labs facility in Ontario is completed for BHO extraction using leading extraction technology, making it one of only a few facilities in Canada with such capabilities
  • Set to produce in-house branded Cannabis 2.0 products for medical channel customers available at and recreational customers across Canada through sister company CannMart’s network of provincial sales partners
  • Cannabis 2.0 products initially planned include vape cartridges, live resin and shatter, with capabilities to expand future product offerings to rosin, capsules, tinctures and edibles

Phyto 1-Gram Vape Cartridges:

CannMart to launch Phyto 1-gram vape carts, a product with high demand coupled with high margins. We anticipate a shift in consumer demand from 0.5-gram to 1-gram vape carts.

The following SKU’s will be available in a 1-gram cartridge:

  • Blueberry
  • Pink Kush
  • Grapefruit Haze
  • Green Apple

A purchase order from a province has just been received for two of our best-selling strains, Blueberry and Pink Kush. Grapefruit Haze and Green Apple are two new strains based on consumer demand feedback.

“We are excited for the launch of our in-house brand “Roilty” as we see an increasing demand for additional 2.0 products with a strong value proposition,” said Meni Morim, CEO of Namaste. “We are working hard towards receiving our processing licence from Health Canada and look forward to producing our in house branded Cannabis 2.0 products, for our medical channel customers at and recreational consumers across Canada through our network of provincial sales partners.  We are clearly focused on the execution of our strategy to position Namaste as a leading cannabis company and look forward to building on this positive momentum in 2021.”

Namaste Retains Market-Making Services:

Namaste has, subject to regulatory approval, retained Venture Liquidity Providers Inc. (VLP) to initiate its market-making service to provide assistance in maintaining an orderly trading market for the common shares of the Company.

The market-making service will be undertaken by VLP through a registered broker, W.D. Latimer Co. Ltd., in compliance with the applicable policies of the TSX Venture Exchange and other applicable laws. For its services, the corporation has agreed to pay VLP $5,000 per month for a period of 12 months. The agreement may be terminated at any time by the corporation or VLP. The corporation and VLP act at arm’s length, and VLP has no present interest, directly or indirectly, in the corporation or its securities. The finances and the shares required for the market-making service are provided by W.D. Latimer. The fee paid by the company to VLP is for services only.

VLP is a specialized consulting firm based in Toronto providing a variety of services focused on TSX-V-listed issuers.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Namaste Technologies is a leading online platform for cannabis products, accessories, and responsible education. The Company’s ‘everything cannabis store’,, provides medical customers with a diverse selection of hand-picked products from a multitude of federally-licensed cultivators, all on one convenient site. Information on the Company and its many products can be accessed through the links below:

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