Namaste Technologies Announces Phyto Extractions Shatter Now Available Nationally for Medical Consumers

Published: May 26, 2021

Namaste Technologies Announces Phyto Extractions Shatter Now Available Nationally for Medical Consumers

Namaste Technologies Inc., a marketplace platform for cannabis and wellness products, is excited to announce that the Company’s subsidiary, CannMart Inc., holder of exclusive distribution rights to all Phyto Extractions™ products, is now distributing Phyto Extractions’ well known shatter products nationally for its medical consumers at, and distribution to recreational consumers via anticipated future sales to provincial monopoly wholesalers.

This new launch will provide patients through the opportunity to purchase Phyto Extractions’ latest shatter product line in three strain varieties: Pink Kush, Blue Gorilla OG and D. Bubba, offering Canadians the opportunity of a renewed experience in the limited shatter offerings currently available in Canada. CannMart medical patients are easily able to purchase Phyto Extractions products from the comfort of their home and have them delivered directly to their door once they have received their medical document.

“We are pleased to offer cannabis consumers high quality shatter products from Phyto,” said Meni Morim, CEO of Namaste. “Shatter is a specialized subcategory of concentrate products, which is currently underserved, and has higher margins. The Phyto brand carries significant legacy cache when it comes to this subcategory, all combined, making this product expansion a compelling growth opportunity. While these products are available now for medical customers, we expect them to be available on the recreational market shortly. We have already received confirmations and approvals for SKUs in hand and purchase orders in process of finalization with certain provinces – all wanting this new product line available for their consumers.”

Phyto Extractions’ shatter is a well-known cannabis extract in its purest form, with over 70% THC, negligible CBD content, and a distinguishing effect that is said to outperform other extracts. Extracted with butane to preserve cannabis terpenes, both shatter’s fast-acting onset and natural derived terpenes that maintain and enhance the natural flavour of the extracted plant are unique selling points that are highly regarded by medical and recreational consumers. These products are anticipated to be available shortly via CannMart’s wholesale distribution channel in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia and Ontario to recreational customers, looking for a desirable experience with cannabis concentrates.

Producing pure extracts such as shatter, must be conducted in a controlled laboratory environment with strict safety measures. Phyto Extractions has recently upgraded its facility with the new ExtractionTek Solutions MeP XT70 hydrocarbon extraction system to ensure all shatter products are pure, safe and consistent with unmatched quality to maximize the consumer experience. For more information on how shatter is made, watch Phyto Extractions facility tour and shatter production process:

Phyto Extractions™ is an agricultural-scale cannabis extraction, distillation and product manufacturer located in Langley, BC at its co-located Health Canada Licensed Standard Processing (extraction and products, no cultivation), Sales (extracts, topicals, and edibles), and R&D through Adastra Labs Inc. and Analytical Testing Laboratory through Chemia Analytics Inc.

About Namaste Technologies Inc.
Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Namaste Technologies is a marketplace platform for cannabis and wellness products. At, the Company provides Canadian medical customers with a diverse selection of hand-picked products from a multitude of federally licensed cultivators and US customers with access to hemp-derived CBD and smoking accessories.