Namaste Signs Services Agreement with Indigenous Canadian Medical Dispensaries

Published: July 3, 2018

Namaste Signs Services Agreement with Indigenous Canadian Medical Dispensaries

Namaste Technologies Inc. has signed an exclusive Software Services Agreement with Indigenous Canadian Medical Dispensaries Inc. , whereby Namaste is partnering with IcMD to provide all Indigenous communities across Canada (representing a population of over 1.5 million people) with free access to the Company’s revolutionary telemedicine application and online patient portal, NamasteMD. The Company anticipates that this Agreement will drive further patient growth in Namaste achieving its target of acquiring over 50,000 medical cannabis patients by the end of 2018 and 200,000 by the end of 2019.

Under the terms of the Agreement, NamasteMD will provide IcMD with exclusive access to its online platform for Indigenous people across Canada, via both desktop and mobile phone platforms, on both Apple iOS and Android devices. In turn, IcMD has agreed to offer NamasteMD exclusivity for all its online patient consultations across Canada. As part of the Agreement, Namaste will use a unique code for IcMD to track patient acquisition from IcMD’s channels, and will offer medical cannabis, pharmaceutical products, as well as medical devices.

This Agreement represents a significant milestone, as Namaste and IcMD collaborate in providing Indigenous communities across Canada with the right to access medical cannabis. This will be accomplished by offering all community members with free consultations, whereby patients have instant access to doctors or nurse practitioners. Namaste and IcMD believe they can help bridge the gap for Indigenous communities across Canada who are suffering from an overwhelming lack of access to quality healthcare services. Through a platform powered by NamasteMD’s technology, IcMD plans to potentially provide healthcare access to over 1.5 million Indigenous peoples, many of whom currently reside in remote or rural areas, and have little to no access to comprehensive clinic services.

This Agreement embodies Namaste and IcMD’s belief that all Indigenous people across Canada, whether in urban environments or rural communities, should have proper access to healthcare practitioners and medical cannabis. IcMD’s management team is committed to supporting Indigenous communities and believes NamasteMD will serve as a powerful tool to enhance the lives of many members. Both Namaste and IcMD view this partnership as an incredible opportunity to become leaders in the Indigenous medical cannabis and direct healthcare space by providing people with safe and reliable access to healthcare in their hands.

Namaste views this opportunity as potentially one of the most significant initiatives it has embarked on to date. Once deployed, Namaste believes its platform has the ability to have a significant social impact on Indigenous communities across Canada. Namaste and IcMD are also confident this technology has the ability to catch the attention of Indigenous leaders on a global scale once its effects are observed within the Canadian market. This represents a unique opportunity for both parties to come together and work with Indigenous leaders across the country in helping drive social reform.

At a time when political leaders at all levels of government have acknowledged an impending opioid epidemic, it would appear that there is no better time to implement better access to healthcare. By making it easier and more affordable to access doctors and nurse practitioners, it is believed that this will allow Indigenous members, whose communities have been some of the hardest hit, the ability to make more informed choices under the guidance of a trained professional.

The fact that the Indigenous market and its people have consistently been left out of equal access to healthcare is something Namaste and IcMD are extremely excited to change. Starting with nationwide access to medical cannabis and moving forward to health consultations and treatment plans Namaste & IcMD will truly be putting healthcare in the hands of the people.

Namaste’s wholly owned subsidiary, Cannmart Inc. is a late-stage applicant for a medical cannabis “sales-only” license that will serve to provide a diverse selection of cannabis from preferred cultivation partners and will be integrated with IcMD’s platform through NamasteMD upon receipt of its sales license.

IcMD and Namaste are excited to attend and launch IcMD at the Assembly of First Nation’s 39th General Assembly in Vancouver, BC July 23 to 26, 2018. Namaste and IcMD will be highlighted in a booth at the AFN Circle of Trade. The AFN Circle of Trade provides the opportunity to meet, network and showcase products to over 4,500 key decision makers and influencers from a growing market within the First Nations communities across Canada.

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