Namaste Announces Launch of Namaste Café Model and H.E.A.L Branded Food Products

Published: December 5, 2018

Namaste Announces Launch of Namaste Café Model and H.E.A.L Branded Food Products

Namaste Technologies Inc. launched the Namaste Café global concept, an exciting new retail brand that is expected to revolutionize the concept of the modern café. The concept is being produced in partnership with Canadian restauranteur, Jonathan Dresner (Notre-Boeuf-De-Grâce, Pigeon Espresso Bar, Kupfert & Kim). Namaste is also pleased to announce its exclusive line of H.E.A.L. (Healthy Eating and Living) branded food-products in partnership with chef Pete Evans. H.E.A.L will feature products and recipes specifically designed by Pete with a cannabis twist.

The H.E.A.L brand will be will be launched along with an educational platform including video content with recipes and ingredients needed to cook like the pros from the comfort of your home. H.E.A.L will be launching a series of cooking videos with Pete Evans in 2019 that will showcase some of the products that will be available for purchase and unique recipes for the cannabis market. Subject to the anticipated regulations for cannabis edibles and concentrates, the Company will produce a line of cannabis-infused H.E.A.L branded products for sale through the regulated market.

The Namaste Café will be an immersive medical cannabis education-focused café that will center on safe use and responsible methods of consumption directed at an age-appropriate audience. The Namaste Café will proudly serve the “world’s worst coffee” through a supply agreement to be agreed with Pigeon Coffee. Each store will offer interactive cannabis education opportunities through Namaste’s online portals, hold in-store events and public seminars, Namaste’s full line of premium vaporizers and cannabis accessories along with non-cannabis H.E.A.L products will also be available for purchase in-store.

Revolutionizing the concept of the modern café, Namaste Café will serve healthy food products in partnership with chef Pete Evans in a concept designed together with Jonathan Dresner. Each location will be staffed by friendly and highly-trained consultants, on hand to facilitate access to Namaste’s acclaimed suite of portals, including NamasteMD (“”), a free and easy-to-use portal where customers can elect to complete an online application and consultation with a nurse practitioner. Customers may also elect to choose from a diverse selection of medical cannabis products on, a cannabis e-commerce platform licensed by Health Canada.

The location of the flagship store will be announced within the next 60 days, with the first store projected to open early next year. The Company plans to open up to 20 franchise locations across Canada by the end of 2019, along with three overseas locations, including one in the UK, subject in each case to local laws.

Each store will also invite local industry leaders and cannabis experts to present seminars to the public, helping to educate consumers about responsible consumption and important facts about cannabis legalization.

With the global landscape for medical and recreational cannabis evolving, the Company will investigate the possibility of rolling-out the Namaste Café concept in other markets like the UK where it has a strong presence. Each location is expected to feature the Company’s innovative technology platforms like NamasteMD, Uppy Cannabis Journal and its AI platform to ensure brand consistency within each location. Through integrating its technology platforms in each Café location, Namaste will stay true to its roots, using its technology as a tool that offers value to consumers.