MJardin Group Completes its First Shipment of Recreational Cannabis to the Province of Alberta

Published: March 30, 2021

MJardin Group Completes its First Shipment of Recreational Cannabis to the Province of Alberta

MJardin Group, Inc., a leader in premium cannabis production, announced that it has made its first shipment of recreational cannabis to the province of Alberta. The initial shipment includes Flint & Embers Hyperion, MJardin’s unique take on the GSC x Conspiracy Kush cultivar, Flint & Embers Orion, MJardin’s unique take on the Whiteberry cultivar, BLLRDR Afghani Bullrider and BLLRDR Wedding Cake.

Alberta has been able to transition to the legal cannabis market at an accelerated rate. With nearly half the legal cannabis stores in the country, Alberta has captured the second-highest sales of legal cannabis in Canada (Statistics Canada, 2021), overtaking British Columbia, and second only to Ontario. Alberta hosts the largest proportion of experienced cannabis users, shifting customer expectation towards mature product propositions, forcing cannabis brands to get on board with broader trends in consumer-packaged goods (CPG). Certain trends, along with strategic innovation and portfolio optimization, have helped brands stand out in this evolving province.

MJardin’s agile customer-centric strategy has built the framework for success in Alberta. The Company’s Canadian consumer-facing brand, Flint & Embers, and partner brand BLLRDR, launch into Alberta with two distinct brand offerings. The strategy allows The Company freedom and flexibility to flesh out each individual brand resulting in a greater ability to define unique target audiences, develop new products that incorporate features and benefits that reflect customer needs, and fulfil the brands deeper purpose and vision. With unique brand offerings, MJardin’s customer focused strategy continues to broaden their demographic reach across Canada.

“We are delighted that our cannabis brands will now be available to consumers in the province of Alberta – Canada’s second largest recreational cannabis market,” stated MJardin Group CEO, Pat Witcher. “Across Canada we are seeing customers migrate from the black market to the legal market, and as competitors come into the market, we continue to re-evaluate our offering to ensure we are exceeding industry expectations.”

MJardin Groups’ mission is to set the standard for successful ownership of assets in the cannabis industry. Our founders spent a decade refining cultivation methodology, collecting and implementing data driven standards and designing state\ of the art facilities.