mīhī awarded cannabis retail operating licence

Published: February 25, 2020

mīhī awarded cannabis retail operating licence

mīhī, a cannabis retail brand, has been awarded a cannabis retail operating licence by The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The Ontario-based retailer expects to open its first location this spring.

“This marks a significant milestone for mīhī,” said Tom Dyck, CEO, mīhī. “Since 2018 the company has invested heavily in the Ontario market, speaking with consumers, tenants and landlords to build a brand that is deeply-rooted in customer insight and the community. We believe there is an opportunity to deliver a unique retail experience that reflects what the modern cannabis consumer is looking for and we’ll leverage our knowledge and expertise to achieve this.”

Established by a small team of individuals with retail backgrounds, mīhī made a significant investment in R&D to understand the behaviours and sentiments of consumers when they are choosing and buying cannabis. Consumers directed all aspects of mīhī’s approach including store design, locally curated premium and often hand-crafted accessories, a custom education platform for its guides, and the choice of locations which respects where and how consumers regularly shop.

“mīhī is intensely focused on the consumer journey from start to finish,” said Steffen Schenk, SVP, Guest Experience. “All of our guests, regardless of their experience and knowledge levels, are on a journey of discovery when it comes to cannabis. To us this means going beyond selling cannabis and making a continuous effort to evolve, grow and learn with our customers.”

In addition to store guides who will provide 1:1 support for mīhī’s guests, mīhī’s Director of Cannabis Education, Tabitha Fritz, will lead regular workshops to educate consumers on how cannabis works with their bodies, the different products available and how to choose the right ones and explore new experiences. In mīhī’s conversations with consumers, even the most experienced have expressed a strong desire to learn more about how cannabis can help them live life fully.

“We are confident that we have a retail model our customers will love,” said Schenk. “But our relationship with the community is of equal importance, and this includes supporting the local economy. We’ve partnered with a number of artisans and entrepreneurs in the area to supply handmade, one-of-a-kind accessories, such as glass-blown and ceramic pipes. We’re constantly looking for impactful ways to be a good neighbour – this is at the core of mīhī’s business.”

mīhī plans to build connections in communities across Ontario and open additional locations as new licenses are made available. For more information, please visit: www.mihicannabis.ca.

mīhī is a cannabis retailer on a mission to help people live life fully, without ever having to settle for anything ordinary. Since October 2018, the company has built a customer-centric model based on the individual lifestyle, experience and needs of each one of its guests. Through its commitment to working with craft producers and cannabis entrepreneurs, mīhī is dedicated to establishing meaningful connections with the communities it intends to serve. The company was the first retail store to join the OICE (Organization of Independent Cannabis Entrepreneurs) which shares mīhī’s vision to create a diverse cannabis marketplace across Canada.

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