Method Man’s TICAL Official Cannabis Brand Launches in New York City

Published: September 18, 2023

Method Man’s TICAL Official Cannabis Brand Launches in New York City

TICAL Official, one of North America’s fastest-growing cannabis brands led by prolific rapper, actor, and entrepreneur, Method Man, announced its adult-use availability in New York State today in partnership with Central Processors NY and Adirondack Hemp Company. Central Processors’s prerolls and edibles will launch first, with more products rolling out in the coming months.

“Nothing is more exciting for us than finally launching in Meth’s hometown of New York City,” said TICAL Official Co-Founder, Nathaniel Vereen. “It’s been a long time coming and seeing it across the finish line with such great partners adds to the excitement of what’s to come.”

“As a lifelong New Yorker and a big fan of the Wu-Tang Clan, being able to be part of bringing Method Man’s TICAL Official cannabis brand to New York’s adult-use cannabis market is a huge deal for us,” said John Vavalo, CEO at Central Processors NY, a licensed Adult-Use Conditional Processor and Cultivator (AUCP and AUCC) for New York State. “Working with the team at TICAL Official has been effortless and we look forward to helping them scale across the state.”

“It’s surreal and such an honor to be working with a real legend who helped shape modern cannabis culture in New York, and who continues to provide for his community to this day,” said Mike Brown, Adirondack Hemp Company CEO. “Our small batch, high-quality flower is a perfect fit for TICAL Official and we’re excited to help bring the brand back home.”

Love Jones prerolls and edibles from the TICAL Official cannabis catalog will be available at Housing Works, Strain Stars, Stage One, Greenery Spot, Flynnstoned, William Jane Herbal IQ, on a first-come, first-served basis starting today, September 15, 2023.

Interviews with all Tical Official’s co-founders are available upon request.

About TICAL Official
TICAL (Taking Into Consideration All Lives) Official is a New York-based, multi-state operating cannabis brand backed by prolific rapper, actor, and entrepreneur, Method Man. TICAL prides itself on partnering with the best licensed operators in each regulated state, to ensure that consumers always get the best flower and products possible.