Mariwell Commences Second Cannabis Cultivation Season

Published: March 15, 2021

Mariwell Commences Second Cannabis Cultivation Season

Mariwell, a licensed producer of boutique sungrown cannabis, announced it had broken ground for its second year of cultivation.This season will see the recreational and medical grower expand on its early success, applying innovative and sustainable organic growing practices to highly sought-after cultivars. With deep-rooted passion, agricultural expertise and a location ideally suited for cultivation, Mariwell is uniquely positioned to meet soaring demand for environmentally friendly cannabis. Mariwell believes producing the finest cannabis is an art, supporting superior genetics with the best natural conditions for high-quality growing.

Theresa Robert, Vice President of Finance, Mariwell says, “Commencing our second-year of cultivation is a great accomplishment, which we couldn’t have done without our team and community. Mariwell’s vision is to foster a culture of trust and to grow through a commitment to sustainability and transparency. This assures consumers they’re getting a safe, eco-friendly product they can count on. By allowing for more transparent business processes, we’re removing the complexities and uncertainties often associated with finding trusted sustainably grown cannabis.”

Located on the banks of Lake Erie, Mariwell’s farm benefits from some of the richest soil in Canada. The Southern Ontario location affords the cannabis grower a longer season than most, to achieve multiple higher yielding harvests in a single year. The prevailing winds of the Great Lakes extend this competitive advantage, providing the abundant air circulation conducive to phenomenal cannabis cultivation. Mariwell has carefully curated celebrated strains that thrive in these conditions including high terpene strains, superior CBD and one to one levels.

Growing outdoors empowers Mariwell to harness the best light source available, the sun. In addition to being sustainable, the sun provides a light spectrum and ultraviolet rays impossible to recreate artificially. Cannabis responds to these ultraviolet rays with trichome production, elevating cannabinoid and terpene levels for superior flower. Natural cultivation is also less resource intensive than other methods, which empowers Mariwell to enhance the affordability and accessibility of premium cannabis.

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