Maple Leaf Green World Inc. Signs an Exclusive European Distribution Agreement with Eurobrand Inc. of Ontario, Canada.

Published: March 6, 2020

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. Signs an Exclusive European Distribution Agreement with Eurobrand Inc. of Ontario, Canada.

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. announced that the Company has signed an exclusive Distribution Agreement (“Agreement”) with Eurobrand Inc. (“Eurobrand”) to promote and sell Maple Leaf’s high quality hemp seed line enriched with CBD, CBG and CBN with less than 1% THC to the European market. Eurobrand will also use consulting service provided by Maple Leaf exclusively for any of their hemp projects in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, and the European Union (EU). This exclusive agreement strengthens Maple Leaf’s exposure in an emerging market and aligns perfectly with several key objectives.

Maple Leaf is pleased to welcome Eurobrand’s team and is excited to have them expedite their European sales efforts.

Eurobrand is a global consultancy with head offices in Toronto, Ontario, and branches in Europe, Asia and North America. They assist businesses and non-profits to grow their enterprise, strengthen operations through best practices, and build value. They specialize in working with partners and clients in various technologies, mining, agriculture and business development. Eurobrand is currently working on several sizable projects that can be viewed on their website:

Maple Leaf is excited to have secured two (2) key distributors, Project 7 and Eurobrand, to lead its sales efforts in North America and Europe, respectively. With the addition of the LOI with Lin International of Singapore for their hemp project in Laos (see press release dated September 17, 2019) the company has strategically capitalized on prominent markets around the world.

Update on Riverside County, California Renovation

Maple Leaf is also pleased to announce that the renovations and sterilization of the two (2) existing greenhouses has been completed on schedule. The team has been preparing the grow space and upgrading security around the property. In additional to the 3rd greenhouse announced in the press release on February 5, 2020, the Company has placed an order for two (2) additional greenhouses, bringing the total growing capacity to 15,000 sq. ft.

Corporate Update

The Company is also pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website scheduled for March 9, 2020. The Company has decided to terminate the services of Helixx Enterprises Ltd. (see press release dated October 31, 2019) as the ongoing expansion of the Hemp project in Riverside, California has presented alternative means of financing the completion of the Telkwa, B.C. facility.