Maple Leaf Green World Inc. Launches A New Website For Its CBG Hemp Project

Published: July 9, 2020

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. Launches A New Website For Its CBG Hemp Project

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. announced the launch of a new website for its CBG Hemp Project under the name of its subsidiary, Golden State Green World. The new website is at Since the start of the CBG Hemp Project, the Company has been receiving numerous international inquiries about its La Crème CBG products. This website will focus specifically on the CBG Hemp Project and provide purchasing details, information, pictures, progress, and updates for interested parties.

CBG Hemp Project Update

The Company is also pleased to announce that all 5 greenhouses have been planted to full capacity with La Crème. The plants in the first greenhouse have entered into the flowering stage and will be ready to harvest sometime in August. Some strong and healthy plants have been selected to continue its lineage as the mother plants and this process will continue throughout the season.

Two prospective clients have requested a site tour of the Company’s CBG Hemp Project site at California and have been scheduled for within these 2 weeks. Maple Leaf is extremely optimistic about the medical and therapeutic potential of CBG as more research is conducted and the awareness grows. The Company is thrilled to be emerging as one of the few high quality CBG cultivators in the United States and one of the few growers cultivating La Crème.

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Maple Leaf is a public Canadian company that focuses on the cannabis and hemp industry in North America. The Company currently has cannabis and hemp projects in British Columbia and California. With over 10 years of extensive greenhouse management experience, the Company applies its eco-agriculture knowledge and cultivation technology to produce contaminant-free cannabis products. Maple Leaf’s long-term objective is to produce cannabis oil and to export its products to approved countries. The Company’s common shares are listed for trading on the Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc. under the symbol “MGW” and on the OTCQB market under the symbol “MGWFF.”