Lift & Co. to Train Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation Employees

Published: July 11, 2018

Lift & Co. to Train Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation Employees

Lift & Co. has entered into a multi-year agreement to provide training to Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) employees. Lift & Co. will administer the five-day version of its previously announced Cannabis Retail Training Certification to approximately 200 NSLC employees in September 2018.

NSLC employees will receive in-depth category and product knowledge to ensure the informed and responsible sale of recreational cannabis. The training will be a combination of online, classroom and in-store training.

The Certification was created by Lift & Co. through an exclusive partnership with MADD Canada. Leading category experts supported development of the Certification modules, which will be updated in real time as cannabis regulations and product selection evolves.

“The Lift & Co. Retail Training Certification is a unique solution supporting this global first of adult-use cannabis legalization by a G7 nation,” said Matei Olaru, CEO of Lift & Co. “We are proud to partner with progressive Crown corporations like the NSLC to support this initiative and excited to continue to roll out the program across Canada in time for October 17.”

“We are pleased to partner with Lift & Co. to provide in-depth training to NSLC employees,” said Bret Mitchell, President and CEO, NSLC. “Our common focus on responsible retailing and solid product knowledge, supported by Lift & Co.’s training certification, will ensure our teams are well prepared to offer recreational cannabis.”

The Certification combines Lift & Co.’s years of experience educating the legal cannabis consumer and MADD Canada’s recognized expertise in responsible consumption into a self-guided online curriculum delivered through Lift & Co.’s online platform, with in-class components administered by MADD Canada.

“With this comprehensive training program, NSLC will equip its retail employees with the knowledge and tools to ensure responsible sales and to help Nova Scotians make informed choices,” said Andrew Murie, CEO, MADD Canada.

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