Lift & Co. Launches Product Discovery and Education Solution for Cannabis Retailers

Published: June 21, 2018

Lift & Co. Launches Product Discovery and Education Solution for Cannabis Retailers

On the heels of the announcement that Lift & Co. has partnered with MADD Canada to provide certification for cannabis retailers across Canada, Lift & Co. reveals the Lift & Co. Cannabis Concierge (the “Cannabis Concierge”), a complementary data-powered solution that empowers retail staff and patrons with product-specific information about effects and quality.

“Since 2014, Lift & Co. has empowered legal cannabis consumers to make informed purchase decisions through what is now the world’s largest review platform of federally-legal cannabis products,” said Matei Olaru, CEO of Lift & Co. “Today, this database powers a game changing solution for cannabis retail and consumer pain points.”

The Cannabis Concierge is provided on tablets to retailers as an education experience for consumers and a support tool for staff, enabling differentiating product- and brand-specific information. Users may also enter basic demographic information, comfort levels with cannabis, and a range of desired effects in exchange for a personalized list of product suggestions. The Cannabis Concierge analyzes Lift & Co.’s evolving database of brands and product reviews in real-time and integrates with leading point of sale systems for accurate inventory levels.

The Cannabis Concierge is powered by Lift & Co.’s unique platform of user-reported data on product effects, quality, duration, and method of use, and incorporates product-specific differentiators like Canadian Cannabis Award nominations. The Cannabis Concierge updates in real-time as new products come to market, a central source of information that enables retailers to standardize product knowledge and consumer experiences across all locations.

The Cannabis Concierge is available to public and private retailers as either a stand-alone product or as a complement to the previously announced Lift & Co. Cannabis Retail Certification, developed by Lift & Co. in partnership with MADD Canada.

For more information on the Cannabis Concierge and the Lift & Co. Cannabis Retail Training, click here.