Liberty Leaf Announces Completion of the Just Kush Cultivation Facility

Published: October 16, 2018

Liberty Leaf Announces Completion of the Just Kush Cultivation Facility

Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd. announced that work at Just Kush is now complete on the buildout of its “Phase I” cultivation production facility. As a result, on October 29-30, Cannabis Compliance Inc. (CCI) will conduct its site visit walk through of the Just Kush facility and compile video footage as part of the Affirmation of Readiness (AOR) submission to Health Canada.

This is a major step towards Just Kush obtaining its “Cultivation Licence”. To ensure the AOR proceeds efficiently, the Company has contracted the entire evidence package process to CCI, which will liaise directly with Health Canada on our behalf.

“I am very excited with the final result of the completed buildout,” said Will Rascan, President and CEO of Liberty Leaf. “Coupled with our innovative technologies, what this means is that Just Kush can now officially notify Health Canada that it’s ready for cannabis licensing.” Rascan cited the advanced security system, comprehensive inventory management (i.e. seed-to-sale) and reporting software, new LED lighting, state-of-the art aeroponic growing system and the detail and care in design of individual grow rooms.

Just Kush worked closely with CCI and the security contractor throughout the entire buildout stage, noted Robert Jackman, Quality Control Manager of the facility. “It took time and a lot of hard work from a lot of good people to get us where we are today.”

Furthermore, Rascan states: “On behalf of the Board, we at Liberty Leaf want to thank all of our shareholders for their patience in seeing this project completed. We are all very excited for the future and what it all brings as we submit our AOR evidence package to Health Canada”.