LGC Capital and Partners Launch Craft Beers and Adult Drinks Range

Published: June 25, 2018

LGC Capital and Partners Launch Craft Beers and Adult Drinks Range

LGC Capital Ltd. announced that CLV Frontier Brands Pty Ltd (CLV), a Joint Venture between LGC, Creso Pharma and UK based Baltic Beer Company Ltd is progressing well, with a number of products ready for commercial launch.


State-of-the-art R&D brewery facility in Tallinn, Estonia is now complete and is being fully utilized to research and develop a range of CLV beers and adult soft drinks. Once market-ready, CLV has agreements in place with brewing and bottling partners to produce the products/beverages.


The first two beers soon to be released under the new CLV umbrella beer brand OLD BOY MARY JANE (OBMJ) are fermenting at the facilities of CLV’s brewing partner. These two new beers OBMJ Ghost Bog Hazy IPA and OBMJ Improper Kölsch will be packed and ready for shipments during July with updates on a firm release date expected shortly.

OBMJ Ghost Bog Hazy IPA and OBMJ Improper Kölsch will contain unique terpene blends, which carry the flavour and aroma of cannabis, but are not derived from cannabis and have no THC, CBD nor any other cannabinoids.

The initial focus for these bottled beers is the UK followed by other European and global markets. Discussions have already started and are advanced in Canada regarding licensed production in cans. Discussions are also in progress with distributors in Australia, Israel and a number of other key markets.

Marketing and social media campaigns are being finalized and will incorporate the branding tag line: ‘Beer with substance’ and the landing page for OBMJ www.obmj.beer is due to go live shortly.

Soft drinks

The first adult soft drink range will comprise a selection of juice-based drinks containing various terpene blends. Recipe testing production is due to start by the end of June 2018. These products will fall under the newly created brand, GYPSY. The upcoming launch of the brand website www.gypsydrinks.com will be the starting point for a social media campaign which will promote Gypsy Sparkling Water, Gypsy Adult Soft Drink and Gypsy Tonic Water which are all due to be launched shortly. Official branding remains confidential at this stage but will be released just prior to commercial launch.

Director of Baltic Beer Company, Paul Baxendale, is planning the sales and operational strategies for Old Boy Mary Jane beers and the Gypsy drinks in the UK. The portfolio launch kicks off in September 2018 at the Boutique Bar Show in London with a wider European launch planned for October 2018 at the Anuga Exhibition in Cologne Germany.

CLV will have wide-spread commercialisation reach across numerous continents and intends to make full use of the networks of all three companies for marketing and distribution, strictly in compliance with all local and international laws.

Intellectual property

Trademark applications for Old Boy Mary Jane beers and Gypsy have been submitted in numerous markets following intensive research, and applications are progressing well.

John McMullen, CEO LGC Capital, Ltd., stated; “After a successful product testing meeting at CLV’s offices in Tallinn, Estonia, I believe this is another great leap forward for LGC Capital and our partners Creso and the Baltic Beer Company. The global beverage market has been expanding rapidly into the craft beverage lines. With highly individualized and independent young adults demanding a high-end selection of beverages to choose from, CLV caters to this growing market and provides a connection with flavours and experiences that the global consumer can fully enjoy. ”

Creso’s Co-founder and CEO, Dr Miri Halperin Wernli, said: “We are very excited about the imminent launch of these unique creative products infused with natural organic terpene blends that bring unusual and exciting flavours and aromas. We see a lot of potential value in this growing market and anticipate a successful initial portfolio launch in Europe. Through the vast geographic reach of the three parties in this venture we can look forward to opportunities for this innovative new range of drinks to be produced and sold globally.”

Paul Baxendale, Baltic Beer Company’s Managing Director and Sales and Marketing Director, stated: “This is an exciting new direction for the drinks industry. Terpenes can provide whole new layers of natural flavours that you cannot get from traditional ingredients alone. The growth of craft beers shows that consumers are not afraid to try something different and we aim to offer an intriguing dimension to both beers and non-alcoholic drinks.”

On April 18, 2018, LGC announced that the TSX Venture Exchange had conditionally accepted LGC’s joint venture investment in CLV, subject to LGC filing standard documentation with the E

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