Leafly and Anandia Laboratories Inc. Announce Lab Data & Research Partnership in Canada

Published: March 13, 2019

Leafly and Anandia Laboratories Inc. Announce Lab Data & Research Partnership in Canada

Leafly and Vancouver-based Anandia Laboratories Inc., an industry-leading cannabis testing services provider, announced their partnership that will bring new sources of objective cannabis strain information, including cannabinoid and terpene profiles, to Leafly, attesting to its position as the world’s most trusted cannabis resource.

With the explosion of cannabis information publicly available, consumers are finding it harder than ever to navigate the depth and breadth of information available in order to make purchasing decisions that are right for them. With over 7.7 million users in Canada, Leafly is dedicated to helping consumers find legal cannabis and its partnership with Anandia strengthens that commitment.

“As an established and authoritative source, working with Anandia reinforces Leafly’s mission to help consumers find cannabis that meets their unique needs and assists with intelligently curating consistent experiences by providing information that’s based on data,” added Jo Vos, Managing Director, Leafly Canada. “Working together, Anandia and Leafly will bring trustworthy information to the forefront of the consumer shopping experience by producing unparalleled visibility into the chemical makeup of their favourite strains.”

In selecting lab partners, Leafly uses a multi-phase evaluation process and examines a combination of factors, such as what cannabinoids and terpenes are being measured, what methodologies are being used, and whether the data displays expected statistical properties. This helps ensure all verified partners adhere to strict practices and provide credible, independent data and information.

“Whether it’s the total THC and CBD levels that may be present in the final product, the terpene profile of a strain, or the chemicals being used in the growing process, transparency of information is critical in ensuring consumer trust when it comes to cannabis,” said Nick Jikomes, Principal Research Scientist, Leafly. “Anandia’s strong track record of providing high-quality, detailed and independent laboratory analysis of cannabis genetics, chemistry and biochemistry, makes them an ideal Canadian lab partner for Leafly as we begin to increase our ability to provide credible content and strain information to consumers.”

With Anandia, Leafly’s strain database will be enriched with lab data, making its strain pages more informative than ever before. Later this year, consumers will see real cannabinoid and terpene data presented within strain descriptions along with user-generated effects. In addition, quick and easy identification of primary strain traits for THC and CBD as well as other top cannabinoid and terpene information will be available.

“Anandia is thrilled to be joining Leafly in its mission to provide the world’s largest cannabis consumer audience access to relevant and useful data,” said John Coleman, Co-Founder and President of Anandia Laboratories. “The Leafly platform provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to share the data and analyses of our lab testing with a broad audience in an accessible and meaningful way. And for our clients, it offers objective, science-driven profiles of their products, while safeguarding their privacy.”

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