KeyLeaf - Premier Plant-based Ingredient Maker - Announces Launch of New Website

Published: February 25, 2021

KeyLeaf - Premier Plant-based Ingredient Maker - Announces Launch of New Website

KeyLeaf, one of North America’s leading specialists in plant-based ingredient commercialization, has announced the launch of its newly redesigned website at

The revamped site showcases KeyLeaf’s new self-branded line of premier hemp-based ingredients and details the company’s product development and contract processing services now available to the plant-based food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries. The site also features a new streamlined home page with an eco-friendly theme that captures the essence of the KeyLeaf organization.

In addition to promoting and providing specs for the products and services available at KeyLeaf’s Canadian and US facilities, the new website will act as a repository for press releases, company news, technical articles, blog postings, and discussions with top scientists and industry veterans on a wide variety of topics ranging from emerging trends in the plant-based meat space to how to improve taste and color of dry fractionated hemp protein powder.

“Our new website clarifies our identity and leadership role in the plant-based ingredient space and signifies our successful transition from POS BioSciences to our new corporate identity: KeyLeaf Life Sciences; KeyLeaf for short,” said Justin White, KeyLeaf’s Vice President of Global Sales & Business Development. “Visitors to the site will be able to gain insight into our company’s backstory as well as our new direction. Our site redesign improves the experience of visitors, online researchers, and clients with easier and faster access to key information about our company, our products, our services, and our industry.”

KeyLeaf’s redesigned site gives visitors a look inside the company’s fully equipped production facilities with a series of color photographs and introduces the KeyLeaf team members with photos, names, and contact information.

“The website will assist members of plant-based food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries to reach out and connect with our skilled team of scientists to cultivate inspiring new ideas that will vitalize our planet’s future, making it healthier and more sustainable,” says White.

For over 40 years, KeyLeaf Life Sciences has had a global impact on the food, beverage, nutraceutical, cosmetics and bio-product industries.