Kalkine Expands its Global Footprint with Launch of Canada Operations

Published: March 25, 2020

Kalkine Expands its Global Footprint with Launch of Canada Operations

Kalkine has expanded its operations into Canada. In this regard, Kalkine has always been providing insights on the stocks listed on various stock exchanges through its research reports. The company already has a strong foothold in Australia since 2014 and has expanded its geographical coverage to the UK effective February 2019 and New Zealand effective November 2019. Following a successful stint in these countries, Kalkine is expanding into other jurisdictions with Canada operations going live now.

Why Canada?

I. Diverse Opportunities:

a. Strong Footing in Financial Sector: A major constituent of the equity market is the Financial Space in Canada, and with scope extending to defensive technologies and fintechs, the region provides a rich investing thematic.

b. Vast Resource Landscape: It is worth noting that Canada is the world’s second-largest country by land area and tenth largest economy by GDP. More importantly, Canada is the sixth and fifth largest energy producer and exporter; and holds the world’s third largest oil reserves. This space opens-up a multitude of opportunities for investors interested in energy and metal & mining equities.

c. Platform for Emerging Sector – Cannabis: Canada is a key market where the use of cannabis is now legal for medicinal and recreational activities, bringing an opportunity to investors with regards to super-hot cannabis or marijuana/ pot stocks.

II. Lucrative Valuations in a Stable Economy: Canadian benchmark index (TSX 300 Composite Index) has been noted to trade at a Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio of about 10.3x, which is much lower than the ratio for U.S. counterpart – benchmark index S&P 500. This along with a dividend yield of over 4.5% offered by TSX 300 provides for compelling valuation cases. Canada also followed a low interest rate regime in the last 10 years and interest rate quoted in the range of 0.25%-1.75%, which acted as a booster to economic activities – This provides a good panorama for investment in Canada.

With Canada being a prospering yet stable economy, we are committed to look into macro and microeconomic factors of the industry and the equity market; and with our Canadian Operations, we aim to offer subscription-based extensive equity research solutions to the investors in Canada.

In view of a global vision at hand, Kalkine‘s team of professional financial experts engages in both qualitative and quantitative research for offering buy/sell/hold recommendations and stock selection tips. Company’s research reports help investors cherry-pick opportunities that have the potential of delivering attractive returns and suit their investment style. Our reports with an easy-to-read analysis and practical investment theme can help investors from Canada to take informed decisions and maximise returns.

With this backdrop, stay tuned to hear about Extensive Offerings ranging from basic to flagship / premium services for their Canada Operations.