JUUL Labs Launches Parental Education Campaign as Part of Company's Youth Prevention Efforts in Canada

Published: March 19, 2019

JUUL Labs Launches Parental Education Campaign as Part of Company's Youth Prevention Efforts in Canada

JUUL Labs launched an education campaign, called “What Parents Need to Know” in an effort to provide more information to parents and keep vaping products away from youth. This education campaign is part of JUUL Labs’ continued commitment to youth prevention, ensuring that parents understand this product is intended for adult smokers, and have the facts they need to talk to their kids about vaping and nicotine.

The campaign content includes a prominent health warning about the addictive nature of nicotine, and directs adults to a website, www.juulfacts.ca,  where more information can be found.

JUUL is intended for current adult smokers only. The company’s mission is to impact the lives of the world’s one billion smokers – and five million in Canada – by providing a satisfying alternative to combustible cigarettes. At the same time, JUUL Labs is committed to keeping the product out of the hands of young people and non-nicotine users.

“We do not want minors to be using vaping products, and we are committed to providing information so parents, educators and others are aware of JUUL,” said Mike Nederhoff, Canada General Manager, JUUL Labs. “On our site, parents can find all the information they need about the company, the product, and efforts we are undertaking to keep JUUL out of the hands of young people.”

These advertisements adhere to the JUUL Labs marketing code, which ensures that adults, not youth, are the target of any advertisement as well as adhering to Health Canada and provincial regulations governing advertising for products that contain nicotine. Canadians will see these advertisements on the radio, posted in retail environments where JUUL is sold, and online.

In addition to this campaign, JUUL Labs has implemented a variety of activities designed to prevent youth access to vaping products, including:

  • Online, using unique ID match and age verification technology to make sure minors can’t access and purchase the products. An adult signature at time of delivery is required for all deliveries in Canada. JUUL Labs’ online age-restrictions are more robust than the Ontario Cannabis Store.
  • All retail partners must ask for identification when selling nicotine products. This year, JUUL Labs will be launching a secret shopping program to ensure stores are complying and will report non-complying retailers to Health Canada and appropriate provincial governments.
  • All products are clearly labelled as containing nicotine and packaging includes nicotine warning messaging, including a “Skull and Crossbones” warning decal which is described in Canadian packaging regulations for consumer chemicals but has not yet been applied to the vapour industry. This graphic warning is voluntary; studies by researchers at the University of Waterloo indicate that graphic warning labels are one of the most effective measures at preventing youth uptake of restricted products.
  • JUUL Labs’ contracts with stores and other wholesale customers require them to take several actions to prevent access by youth, including bulk purchase restrictions to prevent black market re-sale.

Health Canada states that vaping is less harmful than smoking. While JUUL was created to provide that alternative for adult smokers, both Health Canada and JUUL Labs are firm in our position that JUUL should not be used by young people or non-smokers.

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