Jupiter Research Announces Launch of Unique New Vaporization Products

Published: February 27, 2020

Jupiter Research Announces Launch of Unique New Vaporization Products

TILT Holdings Inc., a foundational technology cannabis platform comprised of assets to support brands worldwide, announced today that its subsidiary Jupiter Research, LLC (“Jupiter”), a leading inhalation technology company, has announced new proprietary offerings that will be available in Q1 2020.

Jupiter’s premiere product lines are engineered to preserve the integrity, efficacy and flavor of high-viscosity extracts. Each of Jupiter’s product lines and wholesale distributed products exclusively feature industry trusted CCELL® technology. As an inhalation technology product innovator with CCELL® at its core, domestically and internationally, Jupiter continues to advance the vaporization space with top-tier offerings.

“We are excited to begin 2020 by expanding our offerings with the launch of innovative and proprietary new vaporization products,” said Mark Scatterday, CEO of TILT Holdings. “We showcased our newest designs at the most recent Marijuana Business Conference in Las Vegas, and we look forward to sharing our new products with the rest of the industry. The recent removal of the general public advisory against vaping by the CDC only further encourages our outlook for inhalation product innovation in 2020 for the vaporization market. Our products will add to our growing footprint in vaporization hardware, offering a high standard of quality and safety which is paramount to our future success.”

The Liquid Que is the second proprietary and patented POD system exclusive to Jupiter – the first exclusive Pod platform is the award-winning Liquid9, launched in 2016. The new Infinity platform of products are also proprietary to Jupiter, offering both 510 thread technology and all-inclusive expendable options in the line. These new innovations meet the high demand of brands and consumers for a sleek, elegant, tamper-resistant and light-weight design that is conveniently portable in a POD, universal 510 thread or all-inclusive expendable system. Each of Jupiter’s products are fully customizable, offering brands opportunities to bring trend-setting products to the cannabis industry that will distinguish them among their competitors.

Jupiter’s new offerings are a strategic approach to meet the increasing demands of a sophisticated consumer demographic and to advance market share in emerging markets as well as mature legal cannabis markets.

According to a report from Grandview Research, the global e-cigarette and vape market size was valued at USD $10.3 Billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.9% from 2019 to 2025.

As the vape market continues to grow, Jupiter remains committed to ensure its hardware components pass stringent testing, including evaluations for heavy metals per state regulations.

Future innovations for Jupiter in their Phoenix-based research and development laboratory include an increased focus on disruptive inhalation technologies, sustainability, and implementing anti-counterfeit technologies. These initiatives represent opportunities to steward substantial change and set high standards in a still evolving industry. In addition, these efforts will help accelerate the Company’s growth in meaningful ways and improve safety and ethics in the cannabis industry. By working with industry leaders and advancing purposeful partnerships and policy, Jupiter aims to continue to lead change in this dynamic and expanding category.

To learn more about TILT Holdings, Inc. visit www.tiltholdings.com. For more information about Jupiter’s new products, visit www.jupiterresearch.com/products/new.