James E. Wagner Cultivation Launches 2.0 Products

Published: March 5, 2020

James E. Wagner Cultivation Launches 2.0 Products

James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation announced that it will be adding single origin lot kief and pre-rolls to its medical product shelf later today. This release marks the launch of JWC’s first cannabis 2.0 products into the Canadian market. The kief and the pre-rolls are prepared using single origin lots of cannabis grown with JWC’s proprietary GrowthSTORM™ aeroponic cultivation platform. JWC is commencing its launch of these two product formats into the Canadian market later today via JWC’s online medical shop, which is accessible through its website www.jwc.ca.

Pre-Rolls: A single origin product, JWC cannabis pre-rolls are evenly milled, machine-rolled, and individually hand-finished in a convenient format.

Kief: A single origin extract product, these sugar-like crystals are known for their fulsome terpene profile, potency, and versatility. Carefully made using freshly harvested cannabis material, this product is recognized as one of the truest representations of the cannabis strain.

“Kief is a product we’re excited to introduce to Canadian cannabis consumers, as it’s our first extract product,” said Nathan Woodworth, President and CEO of JWC. “We prepare our kief on-site using single origin lots of freshly harvested cannabis material from one cultivar source. By using this preparation method, we can ensure the authenticity of the plant is respected, and the truest representation of the plant is fully present in our product. We’re not necessarily looking for an ultra-high THC content; we’re looking for an intensified concentrated aroma and a replicable experience.”

JWC is also focused on developing additional high-potency and versatile extract products including live resin and rosin to answer the diverse needs of Canadian medical patients and adult users. The Corporation believes these products will be in high demand as consumers become more educated and look for alternate ways to consume cannabis. The additional extract products are expected to launch later this spring, on both the medical and the adult-use recreational markets.

From cultivation and harvesting to packaging and processing, JWC’s extract products are produced on-site at its licensed facility, located at 855 Trillium Drive, in Kitchener, Ontario. Each of JWC’s cultivars are grown exclusively using the Corporation’s proprietary GrowthSTORM™ aeroponic technology, recognized for producing clean, consistent cannabis. JWC is on track to produce a total of over 35,000 kg of dried cannabis per year once its JWC2 cultivation facility is fully operational.

James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation’s wholly owned subsidiary is a Licensed Producer under the Cannabis Regulations, formerly the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (“ACMPR”). JWC is a premium cannabis brand, focusing on producing clean, consistent cannabis using an advanced and proprietary aeroponic platform named GrowthSTORM™.