IONIC Brands Announces Exclusive Origin House-Continuum Product Distribution in California

Published: April 12, 2019

IONIC Brands Announces Exclusive Origin House-Continuum Product Distribution in California

IONIC Brands Corp., formerly Zara Resources Inc. announced that the Company’s product licensing partner has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Continuum, a California Division of Origin House to distribute Ionic branded products. Ionic branded products are now part of the Origin House distribution platform in California. Origin House has the largest US footprint of branded and distribution assets in North America.

One of the Continuum strengths is its portfolio of over 30 cannabis brands, which it delivers to more than 500 dispensaries in California. Distribution is a critical part of the cannabis supply chain in California, where the legal cannabis market is expected to hit US$7.7 billion by 2020, according to Arcview Market Research/BDS Analytics. The agreement also provides further potential access to 10 additional US states including Michigan, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Arizona, and Florida.

Effective immediately Continuum is the exclusive distributor of all Ionic Brands products in California. Origin House’ Director of Key Supplier Relations, Jessica Lilga commented,”the California cannabis distribution market is very competitive. Continuum has the advantage to distribute the finest products from the best companies and we are excited to offer Ionic products to our customers. The IONIC team meets our high standards of professionalism and experience, and we are very excited to help build this brand in California and potentially other states as our two companies expand our national footprint.”

IONIC BRANDS Chairman and CEO John Gorst commented that “IONIC BRANDS sought out the top distributor in California and given Origin House’ footprint, Ionic anticipates increased brand awareness, heighten demand for its products, and aggressive sales growth. Our exclusive distribution agreement with Origin House distributor Continuum aligns with our strategy to build a multi-state consumer-focused cannabis concentrate national brand portfolio focusing on the premium and luxury segments. We look forward to growing with Continuum as we build the market for our portfolio of premium cannabis branded products.”

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