IntelGenx and Tilray® Agree to Amend Certain Exclusivity Terms of Worldwide Cannabis-Infused VersaFilm® Agreement

Published: July 22, 2020

IntelGenx and Tilray® Agree to Amend Certain Exclusivity Terms of Worldwide Cannabis-Infused VersaFilm® Agreement

IntelGenx Corp. announced that it and Tilray, Inc. have amended the exclusivity terms of their November 2018 license, development and supply agreement (the “Agreement”) to allow for IntelGenx’s co-development and commercialization of CBD products with additional partners. In consideration, IntelGenx shall pay a royalty to Tilray on all CBD products sold pursuant to this amendment. All other terms of the Agreement, including those pertaining to Tilray’s exclusive, worldwide marketing and distribution rights for non-CBD cannabis-infused VersaFilm, remain unchanged.

“Since obtaining our cannabis micro-processing license from Health Canada a few weeks ago, we have received numerous expressions of interest from cannabis industry players in our drug delivery platforms and manufacturing capabilities, as we continue to have the only Health Canada licensed and GMP compliant facility for pharmaceutical film manufacturing,” commented Dr. Horst G. Zerbe, CEO of IntelGenx. “While we continue to work with Tilray to align on the timing of a potential commercial launch of our first co-developed cannabis-infused VersaFilm product, we are now actively seeking other potential partners to commercialize CBD-containing film products targeting the health and wellness market in Canada.”

IntelGenx is a leading drug delivery company focused on the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical films.

IntelGenx’s superior film technologies, including VersaFilm® and VetaFilm™, as well as its transdermal development and manufacturing capabilities, allow for next generation pharmaceutical products that address unmet medical needs. IntelGenx’s innovative product pipeline offers significant benefits to patients and physicians for many therapeutic conditions.

IntelGenx’s highly skilled team provides comprehensive pharmaceuticals services to pharmaceutical partners, including R&D, analytical method development, clinical monitoring, IP and regulatory services. IntelGenx’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility offers full service by providing lab-scale to pilot- and commercial-scale production. For more information, visit