iAnthus Hires Marketing Veteran as Chief Marketing Officer

Published: April 16, 2019

iAnthus Hires Marketing Veteran as Chief Marketing Officer

iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. announced Neil Calvesbert as Chief Marketing Officer responsible for creating the brand vision and strategies to execute the companies growth objectives across brand, retail and consumer experience. Prior to joining iAnthus, Mr. Calvesbert served as the Chief Growth & Marketing Officer for Nicopure Labs and the Vice President of Global Marketing for Monster Energy Beverages, where he leveraged the Monster Energy brand to deliver inspirational brand stories and lifestyle-focused experiences through strategic partnerships with high profile athletes, musicians, influencers, global properties and events with a disruptive approach. He launched new categories and products, which contributed to the brand’s rapid growth and helped drive it to become the dominant energy drink in the U.S., globally distributed in over 100 countries with annual sales rising from $1.4 to $3 billion and a unique global army of dedicated, loyal fans.

Before joining Monster Energy, Mr. Calvesbert’s career centered around the creation, leadership and rapid growth of iconic consumer-facing brands in the lifestyle driven action sports industry. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Fox Racing, where he transformed the entrepreneurial U.S. focused business into a global powerhouse and the dominant market leader in over 55 countries as the brand of choice for the world’s elite action sports athletes.

Hadley Ford, CEO of iAnthus, said, “iAnthus looks forward to creating and rolling out its national retail and product brands under Neil’s leadership. Branded products will distance themselves as the true driver of growth and value within the cannabis space. Neil brings to iAnthus a wealth of experience in building and growing global brands, having proven his ability across multiple product categories. We look forward to seeing him put those skills to work on behalf of iAnthus and helping us to further grow the company into an industry powerhouse.”

“Cannabis is the type of blank canvas that brand visionaries like me usually only dream of. Creatively, it provides a once ever opportunity to pioneer and shape a brand-new market category, including the messages and experiences we deliver to patients and consumers through our products and dispensaries,” said Mr. Calvesbert. “Our plan to accomplish this is quite simple – we will create iconic brands that our customers can identify and engage with through refreshing retail experiences in our dispensaries to help them better understand cannabis and how to include it in their daily routines. Life is for enjoying, and my passion is to create something timeless and unforgettable that ultimately helps people smile.”

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