Humboldt Seed Company Partners With Apollo Green to Bring California Cannabis to Canada

Published: May 7, 2024

Humboldt Seed Company Partners With Apollo Green to Bring California Cannabis to Canada

Humboldt Seed Company (HSC)California’s leading cannabis seed producer, has announced a partnership with Canadian-based Apollo Green to make eight breeder cuts available to researchers, licensed commercial cultivators and home growers in legal markets worldwide. This first-to-market clonal genetics release is a significant milestone and will expand access to distinctive, high-quality cannabis genetics in both established and emerging global markets including GermanyPortugal and Australia.

The curated, breeder-verified selection includes pioneering triploid genetics, such as OG Triploid and Donutz Triploid alongside the legendary cult classic Blueberry Muffin. Also available are All Gas OG with a THC content of 21% and four high-THC strains in the 30-35% range: Golden Sands, Guzzlerz, Jelly Donutz and Orange Creampop. These selections represent the top .01% from HSC’s extensive California pheno-hunting program.

Exports will begin in May under Apollo Green’s Canadian federal cannabis license. All shipments have Canadian phytosanitary certification, ensuring plants have been inspected, and are clean and free of pests.

“Access for all to quality genetics has been our core focus since the beginning,” said HSC Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Benjamin Lind. “Our science-based approach to breeding aligns perfectly with Apollo Green’s high standards and we are excited to be able to extend these hand-selected cuts to a wider audience, especially at this pivotal time where we’re seeing positive regulatory changes globally.”

Oisin Tierney, Apollo Green Director of Business Development, said, “California has long been recognized for setting industry standards, and we are proud to play a role in bringing these esteemed genetics to cultivators worldwide. The triploids are especially noteworthy in terms of the unprecedented potential for enhanced plant vigor, higher yields, shorter flowering times and superior returns for solventless extraction.”

About Humboldt Seed Company
Established in 2001, Humboldt Seed Company is a Northern California heritage brand providing quality cannabis genetics to commercial cultivators and home growers in legalized states across the U.S. and international markets including SpainCanadaJamaicaSouth AfricaColombiaFrancePortugalGreece, the UK, Malta and Thailand. With a focus on environmental and social justice, they combine traditional breeding and modern scientific practices in their strain development program. They have served the cannabis community for over two decades. For more information visit

About Apollo Green
Licensed since 2019, Apollo Green is Canada’s leader in cannabis genetics. The company’s mission is to provide an ever-growing bank of seeds and clones to medical patients and recreational consumers. Apollo Green provides clean, trusted cannabis seeds and clones, which are backed by the foremost tissue culture technology to reduce risks, costs and time-to-market for licensed producers around the world. Apollo Green is passionate about cannabis genetics.  For more information visit