High Hampton Holdings Announces Re-Launch and Name Change to Mojave Jane Brands Inc.

Published: June 12, 2019

High Hampton Holdings Announces Re-Launch and Name Change to Mojave Jane Brands Inc.

High Hampton Holdings, a California cannabis company, announced that it is changing its name and will now conduct business as Mojave Jane Brands Inc. (subject to approval). Following regulatory approval and registration, the Company’s ticker will change from “HC” to “JANE” on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

The new name reflects a definitive move to emphasize California brands and lifestyle addressing a wide range of consumer demands that vary across the state. It also signals Mojave Jane’s intent to take these brands to new markets inside and outside of the US, where California branding will hold particular appeal. The Company has updated its corporate identity to correspond with its new direction and also maintain a link to its origins. Related materials can be found at the new Company website at www.MojaveJane.com.

Mojave Jane’s CEO, Gary Latham commented, “As we begin to deliver on our consumer and brand first strategy, it’s appropriate that we re-launch and re-name this business to reflect that strategy. More than a name change; this is a well-orchestrated plan that began and continues with the acquisition of leading California companies in the manufacturing, distribution, and delivery businesses. Our management team is bringing those separate entities together to operate as one integrated business rather than an array of independent holdings. This means that our teams can work together to innovate and deliver the products and brands that a diverse market really wants. Unifying all capabilities under one name allows us to create a corporate identity and brand that will be immediately recognizable across the industry.”

Robert Allen, Mojave Jane’s Chairman added, “The change in name is emblematic of the substantive transformation that has taken place within the Company. In the past six months we have changed management and Board, added assets, and reset the direction of the Company with a brands first strategy. With the preparatory work done we are now ready to begin taking products and brands to market and have Mojave Jane become an acknowledged leader in the cannabis industry.”

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