Health Canada Grants Micro-Processing Licence to Rapid Dose

Published: November 20, 2019

Health Canada Grants Micro-Processing Licence to Rapid Dose

Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp. reported that is has been issued a micro-processing licence by Health Canada for its Burlington, Ontario facility in accordance with the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations.

“This is a major milestone for RDT and will now enable us to produce QuickStrip™ cannabis products for both the Canadian medical and recreational markets,” said Mark Upsdell, CEO. “Given the current global vaping crisis, regulators, medical experts, and consumers are looking for a reliable delivery solution to replace inhalation.”

RDT’s proprietary QuickStrip™ technology is a Quick, Convenient, Precise, Discreet™ non-inhalation, oral, fast-dissolving drug delivery system that offers an Anytime, Anywhere™ product to consumers. Under the terms of the current Health Canada licence, RDT will produce sufficient quantities at its Burlington facility to supply some of the initial needs of the Canadian market through its manufacturing agreement with Thrive Cannabis.

“We are now in a position to offer a unique delivery option that permits accurate dosing, predictable onset, and efficient delivery of CBD, THC, and combination products,” said Upsdell. “RDT’s QuickStrip™ provides an alternative choice for consumers who desire the benefits of cannabis but prefer not to smoke, vape, or consume oils in other formats.”

The awarding of this licence by Health Canada will complement RDT’s strategy of entering into Managed Strip Services Agreements enabling vendors to manufacture, distribute and sell RDT’s QuickStrip™ products for the cannabis market in the U.S. and international territories. RDT currently has six signed agreements covering jurisdictions in Canada, United States and its Territories, and Europe.

RDT will continue to expand its strategic partnerships and further strengthen its unique delivery leadership position within the cannabis sector. RDT believes QuickStrip™ is a desirable technology and delivery option for consumers across Canada and throughout the world where cannabis has been legalized, while simultaneously offering health benefits and improving consumer outcomes.

Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp. is a publicly-traded Canadian life sciences company that provides innovative, proprietary drug delivery technologies designed to improve outcomes and quality of lives. RDT offers Quick, Convenient, Precise and Discreet™ choices to consumers.

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