Harvest Brothers Announces the North American Launch of Linfa Weezy, the world's smartest cannabis grow box

Published: April 21, 2021

Harvest Brothers Announces the North American Launch of Linfa Weezy, the world's smartest cannabis grow box

Harvest Brothers Corp, a Canadian start-up dedicated to the distribution of products for home cannabis cultivation, announced its first distribution agreement with Robonica, the producer of Linfa, the world’s leading cannabis grow box.

“We chose Linfa,” said Paolo Levi, CEO of Harvest Brothers Corp, “after an exhaustive review revealed that Linfa produces higher quality cannabis at lower cost than any other grow box. Plus it is the easiest to use, so small it can fit almost anywhere, and looks great.”

“We are happy to have reached a distribution agreement for North America with Harvest Brothers Corp,” added Harald Cosenza, founder of Robonica. “Our products are already used by more than a thousand happy European growers and now we are able to offer them to the North American market.  Linfa is even more useful in Canada, where the climate means it is not easy to have harvests available all year round.”

Linfa is a smart, hydroponic cannabis grow box that makes it easy for anyone to grow cannabis at home:

  • Grow all year round and harvest every two months
  • Simple and intuitive: no green thumb required!
  • Automatic cultivation management
  • Grow up to 4 plants simultaneously
  • Wi-FI and Webcam to follow your cultivations remotely
  • Stylish Italian design
  • Small, can fit almost anywhere
  • Healthy: no pesticides

Linfa’s high quality cannabis is produced thanks to a special app that allows you to monitor the growing process through your mobile phone.  Linfa has an onboard computer and a webcam capable of photographing the status of the plants under cultivation and informing the user, through a mobile notification system, of how to achieve a successful harvest in a completely automatic way.

The product is compact in size (59x52x35 cm, or 31x15x11 inches) and can be installed in 15 minutes by anyone in any size apartment. Its hexagonal shape, white color and attention to detail make Linfa a product not only easy to use but beautiful and pleasant to have in the home. Now Canadian home cannabis growers will be able to appreciate the advantages of Linfa, until now available only in Europe.

In celebration of 4/20, the price this week is $899 CAD, discounted from the regular price of $1,099 CAD.

Harvest Brothers is a Canadian company based in Toronto. Our goal is to provide North American consumers with an innovative, healthy, easy, and safe way to grow cannabis all year round, with fun and style.

Robonica is an Italian company that is the world leader in the production of domestic intelligent grow-boxes dedicated to the home micro-cultivation of plants and herbs.