Groundbreaking Study Reveals: CBD Gummy Product Proven to Enhance Relaxation Levels by 300% vs Capsule in Unique Brain Technology Research

Published: April 17, 2024

Groundbreaking Study Reveals: CBD Gummy Product Proven to Enhance Relaxation Levels by 300% vs Capsule in Unique Brain Technology Research

Vancouver, BC, April 15, 2024 – Kinloch Wellness Ltd. (Kinloch Wellness), a pioneer in non-psychoactive, plant-based health and wellness products, has announced the results of a landmark observational study conducted in partnership with Zentrela, Inc. (Zentrela) a leading neuroscience research company. This study marks a significant step forward in the cannabis industry, providing consumers with objective, scientific data on the relaxation effects created by Kinloch Wellness products. It also provides significant insights into the increased relaxation level effects of these products for female study participants.

Zentrela, in partnership with Kinloch Wellness, studied the brainwaves of a group of consumers before and after ingesting two different cannabis products, one being Kinloch’s Serene™ CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop. These products both contained identical amounts of CBD but one was also infused with terpenes, organic compounds produced by a variety of plants. The main objective of this study was to objectively measure the efficacy of Kinloch’s Serene™ CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop to increase the relaxation state of consumers.

Key findings of note from the study:

  • For female study participants The Kinloch Serene™ CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop, containing CBD and terpenes, was five times more effective at relaxing the group than the CBD-only comparator product.

  • On average, for all participants, The Kinloch Serene™ CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop was three times more effective at relaxing the study group than the comparator CBD-only product. 

  • Results from this study demonstrate that two products can contain identical amounts of the same cannabinoids and yet create very different effects (Kinloch Serene™ CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop vs the comparator).

This EEG-based study is the first of its kind to objectively quantify how effective a CBD-only product is at increasing the relaxed state of consumers. Utilizing wearable brain technology, Zentrela assessed participants’ responses to Kinloch Serene™ CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop and a comparator product also containing 50mg of CBD isolate. Participants underwent two visits to the Zentrela lab, each time consuming one of the products under identical controlled conditions. EEG data was collected with non-invasive EEG devices and analyzed using AI models through standardized protocols. Using scientifically compiled data sets the findings uncover significant variations in relaxation effectiveness between the two products, despite their identical CBD content. This study offers groundbreaking, quantifiable evidence crucial for consumers seeking objective data on the changes to relaxation levels the CBD product will create.

“This research highlights the potential role of terpenes and its effects alongside cannabinoids such as CBD. Although more robust trials are needed, these findings serve to educate consumers by providing guidance in the potential effects of cannabis products,” said Rahim Dhalla, Pharmacist and Founder of Hybrid Pharm. “This research further serves to empower the consumer and helps facilitate informed decision-making. This is an essential stepping stone to understand the complexities of cannabinoid science.”

Kinloch Wellness fills a void in minor cannabinoid product information, introducing standardized efficacy insights for consumers. Consumers lack standardized, objective data on minor cannabinoid product efficacy, hindering informed purchase and consumption decisions. While packaging details cannabinoid composition, it fails to quantify product effects. Kinloch Wellness CEO Dwayne Stewart asserts, “As industry leaders, we are committed to independent scientific research providing consumers with vital information for informed choices. This initiative marks a significant step forward in consumer empowerment within the cannabis industry.”

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About Zentrela
Zentrela is a scientific research organization that utilizes novel non-invasive EEG neurotechnology to accurately and objectively quantify the effects products create for consumers. With a mission to become the most trusted and comprehensive provider of product effect information, Zentrela is dedicated to empowering consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed consumption decisions.