Greenlane Partners With NEO Plastics To Expand Sustainable Packaging Offering

Published: July 17, 2020

Greenlane Partners With NEO Plastics To Expand Sustainable Packaging Offering

Greenlane Holdings, Inc., a seller of premium cannabis accessories, child-resistant packaging, supply, and specialty vaporization products, announced their partnership with NEO Plastics, an innovative packaging company providing an entirely new sustainable solution for discarded plastics. Available this July exclusively to Greenlane customers, NEO Packaging adds an environmentally-friendly offering to Greenlane’s existing packaging lines.

NEO Plastics supports landfill gas-to-energy efforts to enhance the end-of-life value of plastic packaging. NEO’s packaging contains an additive that accelerates the natural microbial digestion of the packaging’s material faster than standard plastic alternatives. During this process, biogases are released and can be collected and turned into clean, renewable energy which can be used to power communities.

“Sustainable packaging is in very high demand in the cannabis industry and we are proud to offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to our customers,” said Aaron LoCascio, Co-Founder and CEO of Greenlane Holdings. “NEO Plastics produces innovative and forward-thinking products that convert waste challenges into energy opportunities and we are excited to help them on their mission to spread awareness about the world’s environmental needs.”

NEO Packaging does not change the feel, form, or function of traditional mylar bags, allowing it to maintain its high-barrier properties. They are ASTM and CPSC child-resistant compliant with a concealed child-resistant zipper. The packaging will be available in six sizes ranging from a gram to a pound and come in two colors. A wide variety of made-to-order customization capabilities are available, including stateside and overseas printing and application enhancements. This product line is competitively priced at or below market prices of traditional mylar barrier bags.

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