Good Cookie Cannabis - New Store Opens In underserved Scarborough

Published: September 25, 2020

Good Cookie Cannabis - New Store Opens In underserved Scarborough
Old Kingston Road just got a whole lot happier. When it comes to the legal Canadian cannabis market, some Scarborough lovers of the plant were starting to feel left behind.  Some east end communities are particularly underserved.  Old Kingston Road, until very recently, was one of them. And that was a concern to a lot of people in this neighbourhood.
“A lot of the people who live around here are older,” says one woman who grew up in the area. “And it’s not always easy for them to travel across the city.  If it’s legal, it should be accessible, and for a lot of the people in our neighbourhood that just wasn’t the case before.”

That all changed in July – thanks to a vibrant senior – a retired nurse who, upon retirement from a lifetime working in medicine decided to serve her community in another way, things are different now.  Together with her adult son, she brings GOOD COOKIE to Old Kingston Road.

When asked why they decided to go into cannabis retail, Mo Mirbabie says, “Running a cannabis store isn’t easy.  It’s harder than most other businesses. We put our life savings into this store. As a retired nurse and someone who is in their elderly years, I am a user of CBD – and my sons are also regular users of THC,:and we wanted to provide high quality and safe cannabis products to the underserved communities in Scarborough.”

Cannabis has been declared an essential service in jurisdictions across North America in the age of covid, and the people who live in the east end of Scarborough deserve access to that essential service too.

Like they say at Good Cookie  Simple is sweet.

And it’s as simple as that.

Visit GOOD COOKIE AT  371 Old Kingston Road, Unit B  or at