Good Buds Launches Whole Flower Concentrates in Alberta

Published: June 26, 2020

Good Buds Launches Whole Flower Concentrates in Alberta

GOOD BUDS Company Inc., a craft cannabis producer from Salt Spring Island, BC, proudly announces the launch of top-shelf, solventless concentrates after gaining final licensing approval from Health Canada. Solventless live resin hash, dry hash and flower rosin will now join the GOOD BUDS “Chronic Series” lineup in retailers across Alberta. With THC levels ranging from 55 to 80 percent, these long-awaited extracts deliver high potency, quality and flavour.

All GOOD BUDS concentrates are made from fresh frozen or hang-dried whole buds grown in organic living soils, and extracted using all natural methods like ice water extraction, dry sift or heated press. While hands-on and time-consuming, this is part of the GOOD BUDS mission to deliver top-shelf products for the discerning cannabis consumer.

“Retailers and consumers in Canada have been waiting a long time for 2.0 products that can compete with black market quality,” said Tyler Rumi, Co-Founder and CEO of GOOD BUDS. “We’ve focused our energy on making top-shelf concentrates like live resin hash, dry hash and flower rosin, that strive to speak to the chronic consumer, and honour these legacy products that are rich in history and flavour.”

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Founded by brothers, Tyler and Alex Rumi in 2017, GOOD BUDS has quickly grown into a family of professionals with a relentless focus on quality and sustainable cultivation. The company grows exclusively on Salt Spring Island, BC, next to the Pacific Ocean’s Salish Sea. GOOD BUDS sells flower, pre-rolls, and solventless concentrates into select Canadian recreational markets.